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The Blinding Knife Review

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The Blinding Knife

The Black Prism Review

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11 replies on “The Blinding Knife Review”

I love this series and I can't wait for the next one, but I agree that Gavin shouldn't have been killed like that.

Andross is one of my favorite characters. The best reveal about him comes in book 4 and it just pulled every intention and thing he does together. I also enjoyed Ironsides story too. Liv gets more book time later I recall that being a big let down with her small part in book 2.

You nailed it. I was cracking up throughout this review. I had sooo many of the same thoughts. lol we can be in the minority together because it wasn’t good.

Lol. The book fainted when you said you didnt want to treat this as a review! Like "… I cant believe it she's not gonna review me!" Thump!

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