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Gerber StrongArm Tactical Fixed Blade Knife | Unboxing, Review, and Field Test

In this review we’ll take a look at the Gerber StrongArm Tactical Fixed Blade Knife in Coyote Tan, including an unboxing, initial review, and field test…links below…

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16 replies on “Gerber StrongArm Tactical Fixed Blade Knife | Unboxing, Review, and Field Test”

I was hoping to see a lot more on carrying it horizontally, how it looks horizontally, how far it protrudes, if it over obvious on “printing” but I just had to pause at the exact right moments to get an idea but overall great video. 👍🏻

Even though this knife is considered an all around knife its still not meant for chopping trees. lol

The Gerber Strongarm is definitely the knife to get. I have this nice and not only does it have great Edge retention, looks, feel, and it is 100% fully functional and can take a beating from a freight train. I totally recommend this knife, and would entrust my life with it.

I'm surprised you didn't slice your ass or spine open by trying to put it back in its sheath like that! Good grief!

O have this knife along with the Prodigy and they are both excellent knifes but my favorite is hands down the Prodigy. Basically the same other then the Prodigy comes with a thigh rig type setup along with the mollee sheath but both great knives….

I like this knife a lot, I ran across another YouTuber who makes a kydex replacement piece that negates the need for the webbing attachment, looks to be a worth while investment to make a great knife system even better, sub your channel looking forward to seeing more thanks for your perspective.

I got the tactical grey, BDZ-1 version and I freaking love it. The thing could shave your face out of the box. Lol

You gotta be kidding!!! That thing can't even cut paper! If you call that sharp where is mushing the damn paper, then why are you even bothering making this video and giving false recommendations! I already ordered this knife and waiting for delivery. If this thing cuts paper like in you video, it's going directly back to Amazon!!!!! I'm not buying a knife that mushes paper and like pretending that Oh wow, look how that just slices through this paper. Oh, and that damage to the box and the mushed up user manual was not from shipping, but from you just getting a previously returned product as they always do!!!!

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