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Yaxell Dragon Fusion Chef's Knife Review and Cut Test ~ Best Kitchen Knives ~ Amy Learns to Cook

Yaxell Dragon Fusion Chef’s Knife Review and Cut Test. Join Amy for a review and cut test of the Yaxell Dragon Fusion knife. This knife is a fusion between a classic chef’s knife and a santoku. It is made from American BD1N Nitrogen Steel that is heat treated to a 63 on the Rockwell scale. This knife is sharp and robust!

Yaxell Dragon Fusion Chef’s Knife:

Chef’s Knife vs. Santoku:





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21 replies on “Yaxell Dragon Fusion Chef's Knife Review and Cut Test ~ Best Kitchen Knives ~ Amy Learns to Cook”

FYI: For you knife nerds out there, this is a "fusion" of the standard French chef's knife, the Japanese nakiri, and the Chinese cleaver, and can be used in place of all three. I don't own one (yet), but that BD1N steel will hold a razor sharp edge for an extremely long time, making it's $150+ price tag well worth the money spent.

My only issue with these knives it that I'm used to a knife with a bolster and the blade on the Dragon knive is a bit further away from the handle so the handle feels a little thin in my hands for the pinch grip I often use because the handle is tapered on both ends. I'm getting used to it but wish the blade came back anothe 3/8 -1/2 inch closer to the handles. I don't think they will chanfge the knives design so I'll just modify my grip slightly.

I have the 8" and 10" chefs knives and I love how sharp they are and remain. At the most a quick pass across the ceramic hone brings it back to better than new.

Def getting one very functionable to scoop up cut stuff to tranfer to bowls pots or pans. That combined with the steel and micarta handle and how sharp it is im def ordering one for sure not to mention great edge retention as well. Oh and for those who dont know bd1n at 63 rockell is less prone to chipping than vg10 at 62. Its formulated in a way that makes it very tough at 63 hrc.

Only one comment on all the kitchen nubies watching but don't let any sharp knife hit a hard surface like the plate the corn is shaved on. As far as the knife you featured it is really a great knife, They really take a sharpening very well.
P.S. I'm a professional knife sharpener.

Hey, first, that's a Nakiri, not a Chef knife. Second, Nakiri means "vegetable knife". So it's not for meat.

You should watch some of those knife technique videos and learn how to position your fingers properly, for safety. With that huge new knife you are an accident just waiting to happen.

you really need to start using the claw when it comes to these Japanese knives! also look up Japanese sharpening stones because that knife will lose its edge just like every other knife! its worth learning!! =) <3 love your channel by the way been watching it for a bit now plenty on kitchenaid lol like your showdowns getting a breville food processor when I can currently have an oldy from the 60-70's and a newer 7cup kitchenaid

Oh I’m such a geek about my knives!! My dad was a butcher and I preach sharp knives to everyone ! I am so bad that I take my knives with me if there is even a reasonable doubt there won’t be a sharp knife. Hope you heal up soon!!

I appreciate your review. You did a good job !! Why do you wear gloves? I have not seen that before.

Amy you sure know how to move with your cut fingers OUCH!!! I hope they are healing good. That knife is way cool! I need it for the melon alone!!! I really like the tip you shared about cutting a roast while it’s partially frozen to get really thin slices 👍🏼. Even though I won’t remember all of the “geek” information once I order the knife you had my attention while sharing the info👍🏼 YES I’m ordering this knife for sure!!!
Speedy recovery my friend

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