Old Timer 24OT carving knife review Now that I have used it Pt2 11 06 18

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Well did two carvings here are my thoughts 😉


J. Nielsen says:

Thank you very much for doing your review this way- the one based on first impression, then this one after use. This is the way these things should be done! I get tired of the "Show & Tell" reviews where people tell you how great a product is and how they have used it forever, yet you can tell that it is too clean to have ever been used and their hands look soft (manicured), haha.
Reviews with experience and after use (esp detailed use!) are like diamonds in the rough- again, I thank you! Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season+
I'm off to order me one of these knives, thanks to you Sir

Little Bean's Garden says:

Great review friend. I liked the little spoon, it turned out really nice. So the knife is a keeper 😊

Dale Calder says:

Nice spoon reminded me of a man who lives not so far away over the border in Maine. The story goes that he is actually from a very wealthy family but he won't accept any of their money . He lives in a small cottage no electricity or running water I see him on the road often on his bicycle with a small sigh on back that read, "Live simply that others may simply live." He makes spoons and sells them and that is his only income. A few years back a car hit him when he was on his bicycle and he was in hospital for months for a while they didn't think he would live but he is back home and on his bicycle once again.

TrollForge / TrollFarm says:

Nice spoon especially considering that your first but then you are quite an accomplished carver.

Pepe Fassos says:

Mate.. well done !
Your one inspiring fella . I love the spoon & the lil blue guy. Your really good !!! 👍..

MuddyBootz says:

Hi Dave….have you passed your feedback to the manufacturers?. I got some polish compound sticks from one of the polishers at work 😉 Lovely job with the spoon 👍👍👍👍

lifeinthailand says:

That actually did help, thanks.

lifeinthailand says:

That actually did help, thanks.

Judy, Judy, Judy says:

That spoon was so pretty…did you ever carve one of your character people faces into the bowl of the spoon? Do you sell your character people or do you carve "just for fun:? The people you carve have such character in their faces…it is such intricate carving…what a talent you have!!!! Your friend from the US….regards to your family…Judie

LearningCurveAcres says:

Oh, and my grandpa was a cabinet and clock maker.

LearningCurveAcres says:

I hve my grandfather's sharpening stone. According to my dad, grandpa used to spit on his stone. I use water.

In the garden with Papa - Harold says:

Good looking carvings mate. Love the little guy. Thanks for the lesson on sharpening


abe frohman says:

Glad you got the edge on that blade sorted. 👍

Kevin Bradley Gardening and Outdoors says:

Nice knife and review, good sharpening demo. Thanks. 🙂 I have used a thick paper bag with compound on as a strop.

Bill & Val's Allotment's 2 Plot's of Heaven says:

Hi lovely review my friend the bit on sharping I did like but think I best get val to do it as you would say lol all the best bill and val

Steven Dowden says:

cracking weii done

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Cool stuff brother! Thanks!

Diane Murphy says:

I love the little guy, BUT I want a spoon…….. No spit please…… Lol

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