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Another Spyderco Temperance 2 Fixed Blade Knife Review VG-10 steel

Is the Spyderco Temperance 2 the best fixed blade, survival, bushcraft knife of all time? I have no idea, but I like it. I felt that the internet didn’t have enough Spyderco Temperance 2 reviews so I tried to make the best knife review I could. There are jokes and cardboard cutting, and some sweet closeups of that VG-10 Japanese steel in all it’s sharpness. So bushcraft, keywords, survival, prepping, hunting, fishing, surviving, and shit.

13 replies on “Another Spyderco Temperance 2 Fixed Blade Knife Review VG-10 steel”

what is the purpose of this knife? Looks like a more tactical knife, even for bushcraft it would be good

Stop listening to your commentators… Well except for me!
Review everything including the garbage and the good knives and beers and flashlights!

Pretty good sheath ! I can't a good sheath with a good knife I can only get a good sheath with a crap knife !

Not bad enough they make ugly folders they make ugly fixed blades to ! And stupid over priced ass usual !

Ahhh the necessary purchase talk that’s an oldie, but a goodie. Just nod your head and say yes until she realizes you’re not listening.

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