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What's in my Peak Design Tech Pouch? My first EDC Review.

I hope you enjoyed watching my first EDC video and got something out of it, maybe even a laugh or two from my mistakes and exaggerated editing! All feedback is welcome 🙂

Thanks for watching,
Pavlos Son

P.S. Product links are in the order I showed them.
Peak Design Tech Pouch:

Think Tank Cable Ties:

Fire-maple Camping Backpacking Red Sandalwood Foldable Portable Chopsticks:

RAVPower 20100 Powerbank:

Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cable:

MFi Certified Lightning Cable 5 Pack [3 FT]  (The one I bought was no longer on amazon):

Kindle Voyage(discontinued):

Allett Leather Sport Wallet:

PopWallet Black:

The Indestructible, Waterproof, Tearproof, Weatherproof Field Notebook:

Fisher Space Telescoping Space Pen (TLP):

Uni Jetstream 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen and 0.5 mm Pencil:

Excelsior Alox Swiss Army Knife:

Aromatherapy Roller:

Micro SD cards:

Multi output SD card reader(The one I bought was no longer on amazon):

NIUBEE Dock Extender Adapter (The one I bought was no longer on amazon):

Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes:

Vector KGM Summit Single Flame Lighter:

Rode VideoMic Me:

DICTOPRO V100 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard:

5 replies on “What's in my Peak Design Tech Pouch? My first EDC Review.”

Thanks, this was an enjoyable video! I came here looking for reviews of the tech pouch, and ended up putting several intriguing items into my amazon wish list. Oddly, that keyboard isn't available at Amazon for me right now, but it looks like there are similar ones from iClever and others.

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