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Kershaw Shuffle Knife Review: Go-To, Multifunction Utility.

The new multifunction, Kershaw Shuffle pocket knife has a lot going for it. Buy it here:

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30 replies on “Kershaw Shuffle Knife Review: Go-To, Multifunction Utility.”

I lost my Gerber knife. Given to me from a neighbor for my birthday. I never knew I can be attached to something like a knife. Been knife searching. I think this guy sold me on this Kershaw. Thanks man! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

I had trouble opening this knife with speed. Love the knife. Good utility wise but self defense wise I'd question how fast I could open it. But over all. A good pocket knife for everyday use.

Ewwww I can't stand the shuffle , I'd rather go buy a chill. 15 dollars is to much for a shuffle hehe

I realize this is an older video and that this knife is no longer in production. That being said, there is a small piece of relevant information that I'd like to share. When it was produced, there were 2 models, the 8700 and the 3800. Difference between the two was the blade steel. The one you has is a 3800 as is show at 2:22. The 8700 came with 8Cr13MoV, however the 3800 came with 3Cr13, which is comparable to 420. For it's assigned purpose (beater knife), I don't think that there is enough of a difference that I make a big fuss over. Given the choice I'd probably choose the 8Cr13MoV, but then again, the 3Cr13 would be easier and quicker to sharpen (and quicker to dull). It's an okay beater knife and I always pair a beater knife with my EDC. No sense risking damaging my good blade on hidden packing staples, etc.. That being sad, there are cheaper/better knifes to be had, IMO. If you're willing to go with Chinese knives, I'd look at 2 SanRenMu knives to begin with, the 7010, AKA the poor man's Sebenza, which can be had for $7, and the 7063, an all metal knife with a short, stout blade composed of 8Cr13MoV and also featuring an axis lock. Oh, on beater knives, I've taken to sometimes carrying either disposable box cutters or knives with replaceable blades (utility style) with gives me a fresh blade whenever I need one. I've been carrying a Sheffield folding utility knife which has a lockable (back lock) replaceable blade and I think was sold in pack of 3 at Walmart for $12?
Anyway, love your channel, love your videos and your approach to EDC, etc.. Keep up the great work!

Is the kershaw in the video the shuffle 1 or 2? What's a "late" boy scout and what the hell is a "cap lifter?" You must be from Cali or up north. Or maybe that's where the "late" come in? You were late to all the scout meets? Least-wise the classes where they taught you how to speak as one and any other red-blooded American male at that?
I kid, I kid! The part you describe the function of is a bottle opener, not a "cap lifter" though, hahahaha. Thanks for your superb effort in making these review vids bub!

The "Deep Carry" clip is negated by the flat head/ lanyard hole protruding out of your pocket. If that was not there, this would be a total win for me!

I put a split ring on my shuffle and it rides on my keychain and I can't count how many times I've used it as a WalMart stocker

The role this little guy fills for me is as a supplement to my multitool and it does it pretty well. Quick access blade when i don't want to pull the MT out of my sheath and use the screwdriver end for stuff like holding screws in place while I loosen the nut with the MT. Not a stellar primary EDC, but a great utility knife to augment your load out.

The choil in the front is actually a great fit on the pinky. Doesn't feel safe on my index finger either, but if you flip it around and make a fist with your pinky in the choil it feels great. Also the screwdriver end could break tempered glass and be a "less lethal" defensive option combined with a hammer fist. Bought 3 in a pack for $40 CAN – will do me for EDC for years! love em!

I am the only one here with a shuffle thats not that smooth and easy to flick out ? Its not a brand new i mean i gave it some time to break in but its still hard for me to flick it out.And if i loose the pivot all it happens is that appears a left to right blade play.I cant even send it back since ive got it from ebay.Any tips about it ?

I have a review on the same knife on my channel, I found similar results when I tested it. honestly with my finger being so close to the actual cutting portion of the blade it made me nervous but I was really impressed with how sharp it was out of the box. great review!

This knife takes a scary sharp edge. From my few experiences, it sucked at cutting up cardboard…had to whip out the Manix. This knife rocks at skinning deer though.

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