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TUO Santuko Chef's Knife REVIEW – AUS10 Damascus MAKES A SLASH!

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If you want this knife please use my Amazon links. Just a few days ago the price at Amazon COM and CA was both $7995 but now the USA price has gone DOWN. For just a few days it was better to buy this knife in Canada, but now it’s back to what we are used to seeing.

Amazon CANADA $79.95:
For only $6 more you can get it in VG10:

Amazon USA $66.95 with AUS10:
BUT, you may as well buy it as the same price with VG10 instead:

In the UK – this is the SAME knife except for them it only comes made with VG10 at £91.95:

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12 replies on “TUO Santuko Chef's Knife REVIEW – AUS10 Damascus MAKES A SLASH!”

So why are you reviewing knives if you don't know how to make full use of then? Push cuts aren't the hardest types of cuts. The real question on knife quality is how is the edge retention after a lot of use. Not everyone that uses knives know how to sharpen. So out of the box sharpness and edge retention is the most important. Also it's Santoku not santuko. You can easily google this anywhere, very ignorant of a mistake considering you call yourself a knife reviewer.

Omg the g10 scales are 2 pieces 1 on each side put together. You seriously cant see the lines on top and bottom where they meet shoot i can see it watching the video

Went back to find this vid. Great info thanks I have shared this video even though I missed the drawing.

Hey Jake! Nice one, as always. I shared this video and I can't wait to see more reviews. Cutting tests are really interesting and funny to watch. Just a small suggestion for folding knives reviews: could you add to the measurements the height of the knife when it's closed? Why, well the reason is simple: I like wee knives very much and length + width + height are the room it will take in my coin pocket or on my keychain. Nobody on the internet talks about this data but in my opinion it's important. What do you think?

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