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Microtech UTX-85 with Red Distressed Handle! The Knife of the Day!

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13 replies on “Microtech UTX-85 with Red Distressed Handle! The Knife of the Day!”

Just bought a S/E satin 85 at a local store yesterday. Damn you, I ordered one of these from BladeOps just a few minutes ago after watching this. Lol!

I just got my first utx-85 today in the mail love it so far , but until they legalize automatic knives In Ohio to carry probably won’t carry out of the house much

So that's what my 85 will look like in a few years?? Imo buying a distressed finished knife is just ridiculous. That's like buying a used knife at full price. But the UTX-85 is one of my favorites too. It's definitely my favorite Microtech knife. Good upload!

No wonder🤔 you were MIA…..welcome back & Happy Belated! It’s a sickness🤮 but I love it. Thx for sharing the sweet🔪’s!

Yeah that's a sweet blade. Love the tanto. It's starting to get expensive watching your videos dude.

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