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Knife Collection Update 2019 Part 2: Benchmades and CRKTs

Collection Video Part 1:

Mini Grip Collection video:

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12 replies on “Knife Collection Update 2019 Part 2: Benchmades and CRKTs”

Love the collection and I like how you have some that I never see or hear about. Im not a crkt fan but they do have alot of really cool designs, lately I feel like they are really stepping their game up, and theres a few designs I came crazy close to getting, only a matter of time

JT's Knife Life
Anyone not got and send me a gift knife in my knife collections not yet my friend!!! 😀
And I have none of any Benchmade knife not yet!!! 🙁

JT's Knife Life I win a my second Giveaways on BigRedEDC channel
And i won very first Giveaways on your channel long time ago about year ago remember
JT's Knife Life!!! ^^

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