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Fura S35VN Knife Review. It's small.

This knife is basiaclly a ripoff of the Serge Panchenko Peanut Knife. So if you like the style drop $300 on that one instead. But if you think a $25ish small detent flipper is something you NEED, then I guess buy it at Gear Best. I have recently made it a point to not review direct ripoffs, but sometimes one slips past me. Oops.

Ripoff can be found at Gear Best for ($16 with coupon: FURAGBjx):

Buy the real one here:

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If you're unaware that it's a clone noone can infer any bias for or against it. Your process for review and showing dimensions was excellent. Enjoyed it. Fortunately now Panchenko has done a collaboration with Black Fox on a Gen 2 folder with 440c at a fraction of the cost of even the midtechs of his Bean flipper. A "Pancheapo" Lol.

I want it but I got mad respect for serge so until he makes them for more reasonable prices I’ll just keep the real serge bean on my wishlist

I wish there were more fixed mini Cleavers, they just look really cool but it seems like you can only get them from custom makers which is a line that I don't want to cross since even though I really like knives, I rather like not to be homeless. Does anyone know any production models ?

Anyone who buys a real one is a certified sucker!!! Hell anyone paying more than 100$ for a knife is a sucker!!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

I see these ‘quality’ Chinese knives and never pull the trigger. 20/30 bucks for one of these gets you into a USA Case peanut or 1/4 of the way to an Endura or Delica you’ll actually carry and use.

How is the batonning performance? Oh someone else already asked this, sorry I will try to be a better shitposter.

Hello and thank you for the video. I really enjoy your channel and I hope someday my own is as successful as yours. Thanks again.

You are not the 1st knife reviewer to find out after making a vid that it’s a copy. Oh well. Such is life. I got another Microtech today.

A pants accident. 🤔 That’s the kind of thing that makes this channel so much fun. Cracked me up. Thanks I needed that.

… but can you baton with it? Since it is a non-locking folder you don't have to worry about the lock failing. 100% less lock failure!

I wish they/Serge would have made it 3.5 inch. Legal carry is often too small or 1 handed only. Viper DAN and UKPK ftw

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