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EDC Backpack Loadout 2019- Everyday Carry Bag – Vertx Gamut 2.0 Review

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Your on body EDC is cool – but sometimes what you keep in your EDC bag is even cooler. This is a breakdown of my everyday carry backpack (really just my laptop bag) that I bring to and from work each day, and is typically in my truck. An EDC bag gives you more room for gear, medical supplies, and things that might come in handy. Granted I’m a pretty big gear junkie – so I do have lots of stuff in my Vertx Gamut 2.0…

EDC Pouch video –

OTHER GEAR, mostly in order of how it appeared:
48oz Nalgene –
Nalgene OTF lid –
Halo Chest Seal –
Flat 95 masks –
Wet Ones –

Surefire EDCL2-T –
Slim med pouch –
SWAT-T Tourny –
QuikClot –
CAT Tourniquet –
regular carabiners –
mini carabiners –
Small Trauma Sheers –
Thyrm CellVault –

Olight Nova Headlamp – or
Anti-static bags –
Various size clear little zipper bags –
Stainless sharpie –
Rite in the Rain Pencil –
Mechanix 0.5mm –
Headphone splitter –
SD Card reader –

Mini Toilet Paper –

Vanquest EDCM-Slim –
EDC Pouch video –

Pouch for knife/mag/etc –
Kabar TDI –
Skeletool –
Retractable Razor –

Pouch for extension cable/power supply –
Slim Extension Cord –
Everything charger / extension –
Battery Power –

Magpul Daka Wallet –
Laptop Sleeve –

Bond Travel Gear –
Toor Knives (LLOD for discount) –
Flagrant Beard (LLOD for 15% off) –
Big Idea Design (LLOD for discount) –
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Once that ankle heels up, I’d love to see a overlander/backpacker video all in one… an adventure to the trail and another adventure on the trail! Thanks for the vids Mike!

my question is, what do you do with all the bags that are given to you to review? Can someone say give aways!!!!!!!!

This bag is overrated in price!! It's a bag.. Not a Coach purse.. I like it but I will not pay that price..

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