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Schrade SCHF26 Survival Knife Review

The Schrade SCHF26 is a solid survival knife for well under $50. It is a full tang, fixed blade knife with a nylon sheath.

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13 replies on “Schrade SCHF26 Survival Knife Review”

I have one of those which I ordered last month and so far it is a great knife and I plan to have it with me when going out camping.

The SCHF26 was my first camping knife and it hasn't let me down. I have moved on to custom knives and other brands but i keep that one around. I picked up a leather sheath on Amazon for it (Link below) to complete the package. Here is what I noticed about the Knife: The 8cr13mov steel holds a good edge if your only doing camp stuff. Compared to 1095 the Schrade steel is harder to sharpen and tends to chip rather than fold the edge if you hit a rock or nail, etc. My biggest reason for moving away from using this thing more often was the jimping. That stuff was painful when scraping for tender or any given extended use. With gloves, its a great blade. Personally, I would look in to the bushcraft series from Schrade. I got my son one of those and now i want one 😉 plus they fixed the jimping issue.

Link to the sheath:

Does it hold a sharp edge long, even if it's stainless steel? How long, compared to the 1095 carbon steel, for example of the SCHF51?

Does the Schf 26 has identical grind on both sides? I bough the Schf10 2 weeks ago and the knife has about 2 mm difference on the grid. I ask Schrade and they told me that it is normal. Any way the knife cuts i am guessing the knife was made by hand and they didn't feel like scraping the blank.

I can't decide between this and the schf10, which I surmise is the same knife with a different handle material, any recommendations?

Hey Bryan,
I know I keep coming back to your older vids, it's now 3/5/16 and I still LOVE this knife! After about 10 minutes of work grinding off that horrible gimping on the bottom of the handle and smoothing out the bump it has become my go to knife for medium cutting tasks. The recurve really helps with making feathers, carving and similar type tasks. And even though it's 8cr13mov the deep hollow grind makes it amazingly sharp and easy to touch up. I love the tip design of the F26 even more than the F51, and the F26 has more cutting edge. I wish Schrade would go back to this blade design and give it a new handle design like the F51. Still loving this blade!

You review guys always pick the hardest place to baton a log;)
Sure wish they would upgrade that with the new handle designs, it would make an awesome addition to the new frontier line. Can't wait to get the 55 & to see some more vids from ya on it, also those 56's look like winners to me. So many good knives so little money LOL.

Thanks for the review!
I was thinking of buying SCHF9 but after watching Tactical's review of SCHF9 and this, I think I'll get SCHF26, it seems big and heavy enough to do chopping and batoning.

Definitely subbed! I like your professional style of reviews and I noticed your hoodie you from Michigan like me?

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