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Gough Custom Survival Knife Unboxing and Review

I finally got my hands on a Gough Custom – unboxing and providing honest opinion of this amazing knife.

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21 replies on “Gough Custom Survival Knife Unboxing and Review”

Ideal size. Convex binds up less than FFG though. Id be afraid to lose or break it for the cost. Much like wearing a Rolex to go camping and scouting. Im sure it can take a beating from the meticulous heat treat in the videos, but Id have to carry another knife to use as a prying and stabbing tool because of the cost.

Nothing unusual, any knife made of A2, with the right heat treatment, G10 on handles, will be doing just the same. Blade shape, length and handle ergonomic on personal choice. Average good knife.

Been following Aaron's videos for awhile and just now realized he is a fellow Canadian.
Also just realized how many views his videos get…wow…million plus in many.
What impressed me is how thorough he tests everything and thta he posts it for all to see so you know he is putting in the effort to make the absolute best.
Would love one but they are just a bit rich for me. They are almost too nice to use hard or that will be how I think about it so I dont feel so bad not having one.

I will never be able to justify spending over 450 bucks on a knife… might be a quality blade but it's really just not worth that kind of money.

1st I don’t live with my mother pal !! And stop breathing…WTF?? I didn’t want to get too offensive about your unboxing vid, but as you’ve got nasty about it.. “Your video is utter brown nose shit!! It’s not an unboxing vid.. it’s an advertisement! And your No expert on knives, obviously. You Didn’t even know what fucking grind you’ve got on your own “CUSTOM KNIFE” 😂😂
I won’t tell you to stop breathing. That’s just childish! But for everyone’s sake PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! throw your god dam camcorder in the trash 👍

it's a full flat grind with a micro bevel buddy cool review I would like to buy one some time if they are ever in stock 😂

I have been on the list for a couple of years now and whenever a pre-order comes up I reluctantly hold off…UNTILL NOW! With a little luck it will be here for my 73rd birthday in March. I don't really need it but I will enjoy it until it passes to my grandson. Thanks for the preview you have provided. I will probably watch it often to make the wait easier.

Say Heah, Aces. I really like how he nails everything especially his tempting, He spent alot of time researching how to Temper his knives and how he came up using the A2.

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