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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate knife review

**Good enough for Edward?**
My review of the Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate fixed blade knife. Best selling knife of 2011.
I realised I had not uploaded a video review of this knife since I bought it over two years ago. This model has recently been upgraded, along with its price.
The knife features a 1/2 serrated high carbon stainless steel full-tang blade, an ergonomic rubber grip, military grade nylon sheath, built-in lanyard whistle, fire starter and knife sharpener attached to sheath and comes with a Bear Grylls priorities of survival pocket guide.

Overall length: 10″, 25.4cm
Blade length: 4.8″, 12.1cm
Cutting edge: 4.6″, 11.7cm
Weight: 11.2oz, 317.5g
Weight (with sheath): 14.7oz, 416g

Price around: £65

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are mine alone and do not reflect a third party, Gerber or Bear Grylls.

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Just a sidenoteit isnt an illegal knife straightaway it's illegal in the UK to possess or carry a fixed edge blade without a good reason, so having it in your bag or car with your camping equipment makes sense, its like carrying a kitchen knife to prepare food at a location

I bought this one and it cost 100$ for me, The steel's quite strong and hard enough to carve even the hardwood. Useful when you plan to stay in the jungle (well, it's hard to find the forest in my place).

This knife would be a piece of cake to sharpen. Take it across 250 grit, then a higher one, then strop it a lot. (That’s my knife sharpening system, knives usually come out razor sharp at a toothy convex grind).
Nevermind sharpening the serrations. They are hard to sharpen, I barely use them. Maybe for cutting through meat, nothing else.

I too added to the world statistics and bought my BG knife in 2011. Have used it while tramping consistently for the past 6 or so years. No problems with any aspect of the knife. In fact,it's the one "survival" knife I rely on. (I have about a dozen different survival type knives). Excellent . In answer to the guy getting all twisted about mil spec – Review said the material of the sheath was mil spec – there is no claim that the actual knife is. You need to listen with a clear and unbiased ear before making comments that make you look insufficient 🙂

Go lucky found this knife at Walmart for $29. They had it locked up with the incorrect price and I got a great deal.

Not a big fan of these Bear Grylls knives, don't really like the idea of having some dudes name plastered all over my gear. Saying that they do look like quite good knives.

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