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Best Bolt Action Ever? New Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens
Tactile Turn BAK
Tactile Turn Mover
Tactile Turn Shaker

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Based in Garland, Texas, Tactile Turn is the first fully machined pen manufacturer. Everything they make is sourced from the best materials available and made in America — most of it is made in-house at their warehouse in Texas. From bolt action pens to the first ever bolt action knife, everything from Tactile Turn is heirloom quality and meant to be passed down through generations.


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– Fisher Space Pen Bullet
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25 replies on “Best Bolt Action Ever? New Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens”

I bought a brass slider as a gift for my wife. Got to say I was a bit disappointed with the attention to detail. Even opening the tin it looked like they cut the rubber insert with a pair of blunt scissors. Then the bolt action had too fine a tolerance & didn't pop travel all the way up. The spring has about 1/3 travel b4 the tension starts. Wobble in the end of the pen. On top of that I paid an extra $20 for Lazer printing & its not even in the middle of the pocket clip. Was too embarrassed to tell her what it cost.

Loved this pen. Just ordered one! I REALLY have to be careful watching this channel. It’s like a drug! LOL! But good for you!

I've had a number of bolt action pens. Unfortunately they are ungodly fragile. Dropping them once is usually enough to break the pen and render it unusable. And if the drop doesn't break the mechanism it may deform the hole the pen comes out which still renders the pen useless.

I bought the bronze a few months ago. The best pen I have ever used. Mine dosen't have the play in the ink tip.

You still need to do a review of the TiScribe Bolt and in a week USG will release the TiScribe Mini. Would be very fun to hear what you think of them in comparison to the Tactile Turns…..

That is a crazy price point. I'd love one of these but $99 for a pen is way out of my reach. I'm sure these pens are amazing though

I picked up an orange anodized slider a couple weeks ago. The craftsmanship is incredible, but I found the bolt action to be a bit sloppy for my taste. Adding an extra half inch of spring from another pen made it perfect, and it also got rid of the rattle from the ink cartridge.

Edit: need to put some Loctite on the bolt too because it's coming unscrewed pretty easily

I just received the older style one in brass and love it. I'm definitely checking out the new ones! – Jim

I still like the fisher space pen bullet in black titanium. But may venture into one of these later.

Darn I was waiting for you to talk about the Titanium version. How is that one? Is the action as smooth as the other two?

I'll be back in a bit, need to go sell a pint of blood to fund my third Tactile Turn purchase 😉 Time for a Bolt Action Ti!

Great now I have to spend another $100 to update my pen. I have the original tactile pen in copper and I love it.

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