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ALONE show winner Dave McIntyre reviews his Survival Kit & Possibles Pouch

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Quick review of my day pack survival kit and the possibles pouch that I carry on all my trips to the bush.

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The possibles pouch during the Frontiersman era was both, when the need arose and a survival kit. They did not have a luxury of a survival kit that we know of today. Maybe today you might have both but during the time, especially if you read in that era, a possibles pouch was nothing more than a survival kit. Also, the survival kit that you know of today was first introduced during the 2nd work wide for pilots.

Hi. Love this video. Good explanation between kits. Could you please post, as a reply to this comment, the link to where you review your alto ids tin. I can't find it.


Mandeep Singh

I dont rate blades all that highly as items of gear, cause I aint silly enough to try to chop thru miles of tall grass or bamboo. That's what they make bulldozers for! 🙂 To me, a modified Condor e-tool, (so it has a real saw kerf) a 9"Silky saw blade (to be held in the vise-grip of a modified Crunch multi-tool) can do SO much more than a hatchet, machete or kukri, (and a belt knife) It's WELL worth the extra bulk. Weight is about the same. A 10" saw blade will down some really big trees, if you cut as deeply as you can, all around the circumference of the tree. Not that the survivalist has any need to cut such big wood.

I'm quite unwilling to not have long johns, wool clothing, tarp, sleeping gear, medical kit. Seems way too risky for me. Normally, if i"m alone, a rental satellite phone goes along, cause it can do more for you than any piece of kit or anything you can make-find in the wild, if things get really bad for you. That might not be true in the Amazon, but virtually nobody who reads this will be in such a remote location.

I rate a silenced, high quality .22lr handgun a lot more highly for survival than a lot of this stuff. Staying well-FED and knowing that you can brain an attacker gives a lot of peace of mind. This runs about 2 lbs, and a lb of .22lr is 135 rds, which should feed you for years, if you also have a monofilament gillnet, some cable snares, trotlines, a couple of Conibear steel traps, as well as knowledge about edible plants. If you're not sharp eyed and very skilled with an iron sighted hangun, then a red dot sight, something like Bushnell's holosight, will help you a LOT. A lot of this other stuff can be made in the field (or done without) But you will make nothing in the field that even remotely approaches what a quiet, 10" OAL .22 handgun can do for you. It can brain deer and hogs to 15 yds or so, and a baited tree stand can arrange such shots for you, often enough. I dont trust my life to any small bag of gear, but give me, say, 20 lbs of gear (that EYE) pick and I'll be just fine, almost anywhere, short of the desert or Arctic conditions. Far better off than anyone can be with less than 10 lbs of gear, guaranteed.

Any breast milk bags? Hahaha. Hey, I'm still hoping to see that Vancouver cedar start a bow drill fire some day.

8:30 you can find these containers at walmart or most finshing stores. We use them to pack lures, artificial fishing lures.
I don't usually carry a survival kit most because of the weight. But I got good ideas form this. thanks for sharing

I must say your approach for the survival kit possibles pouch is really good. Have u tried to have the survival kit and p.pouch in one bag, as one entity? I cant stop working on smth similar but including some first aid. Why u dont carry some important medicines in your survival kit or possibles pouch? Just wanna know your thoughts on that.

I must say your approach for the survival kit possibles pouch is really good. Have u tried to have the survival kit and p.pouch in one bag, as one entity? I cant stop working on smth similar but including some first aid. Why u dont carry some important medicines in your survival kit or possibles pouch? Just wanna know your thoughts on that.

Oh Yeah the Fanny Pack, At the Sportsman Show I got a sort of Fanny Pack with 12 Gauge holder for the belt, I use that in bear country.

Say Heah Rev. Colhane, I hear you, and I also hear we bush craft in different inviorment so our necessities might be a little different and how we carry them. Sure some things are the same, yes a compass, type of cutting tool's even shelter. for instance I will carry a tarp and prolly a heavier one than perhaps you would use, I pack a couple of different size blue tarps of decent quality in my pack which could be 3-5 day pack or smaller then my tarp will fit the occasion size wise. I think an Altoids Tin ican be used in many environments so that can be the same for my bush crafters. But I've done this a few 24's myself and I like a Survival Belt, on it I will carry for instance my Belt Knife, a 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet, and my Wicked Tough Saw, I also have a Necessities Pouvh, I can also add-on a Canteen and still be comfortable incase I wasn't to scout a new area away from our base camp. Let's look closer with a magnifying glass on my Knife Sheath, I first of all like to have a Pouch on it, I also have a Victorinox phone case that's about 2 time Sarge than an Altoids Tin, which is very lite made out of a good ballistic nylon attached to the bottom of my Knife Sheath, Also at the pawn shop I got a buckskin purse it sort if looks like something that actually looked like it was used in days of old, I think I paid $3.00 for it ot has a flap for a cover and a shoulder strap so I can carry it over my sholder or under my arm and it doesn't get in the way of my pack but it's extra space and I can use it as a add-on or as a seperate container for portability if I want to take it in when scouting without having to take my back pack, This is my system and it does change because I change so it changes to meet my immediate needs and the type of trip we're on and what we'll be doing. For example, when I first started off a few 24's ago, I was a 3knife carry and at that time it seemed just right and it worked for me at that time, I I grew in my lassion, my tool's changed, I brought it down to a 2knife carry a large knife and a small knife and basically that's where I'm at. At that time I even carried up to a 4knife carry, that's alot if knives to carry for a 3-4 day trip..but there I was a Rambutt in the bush heh heh heh, Today I still like to carry a larger knife with a smaller knife, One of my lighter set for example is my Rodent 5 with my Rodent 3, my heavier carry would be like my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4, Oh, I like to carry a neck knife especially for camp vhores, like a Browning Independence Fix Blade or my Skookum Bush Tool or my Jeff White which is a very affordable knife but a food ine, I have tge French Trade Knife I really like it it's durable and very lite. When I carry really lite my Stromeng KS 9 Lueku and my Bhuku LiL STAK get a work out the KS 9 is what Lars Munson used across Canada. So it all depends what your environment is and for how long your excursions are and what kind if climate your in and the weather at the time of your trip is. whether is winter or simmer. Other type of tools, Is a axe better or is a machete works better for that specific enviorment, I use my Rodent Rucki as my Summer Long Knife to go through the Brambles where for some reason I don't need to use it in the Winter, but yet I can still chop with it or baton if I wanted too, a very versital tool. Thanx for sgaring your knowledge and expertise, very interesting, Thanx.

excuse me sir, but allot of us are proud bushcrafters backpackers and outdoorsmen that have seriously rethought and rejected the survival tin, it originating btw not from outdoorsmen but from the airforce.

Lots of possibilities with that word. It actually gets stuck in my head sometimes.

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