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What Can This Do? Summit Knife Co. Half Dome

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28 replies on “What Can This Do? Summit Knife Co. Half Dome”

I totally agree with your review. You always get more value in a bigger blade. For those that can have them, that is the way to go. However, keep in mind, knife laws vary greatly. By keeping the blade under 3 inches and making a good all around blade with high end materials might appeal to people with knife law limitations. Also sometimes you just want a smaller blade for things like gentlemen’s carry or an office environment. Sometimes I go with something like my Massdrop Gent, a Dragon Fly Delica or Para 3 LW or a Mini Grip because I want to be low profile and don’t think I will need a bigger blade.

I like the looks, steel material, handle material, but the price is above the value of all that. Great review!

Every time I see this rather odd looking knife, I like it more. Please stop before I buy one! My wife will kill me. I still have to think a bit. If it was $130 I would buy it today.

Not for the advertised price point. For me to be interested in this design the price would have to be $75 or less.

It is a nice knife, BUT, small knives just don't do it for me. Too many limitations. Not too keen on cutting an apple half in half. If you don't have room or are bothered by the weight of a 3.5 inch blade, then your kit needs work.
Edit: 3 fingers, ugh. I did notice you needed two slashes at the strap (in an emergency?) to cut through it.

An ok, though pricey, design for what it was meant for, but totally concur with you Aaron, not a first choice by any stretch.

I've been looking at this knife since it came out. I really like the look of it but I watched another review on the micarta version and another guy pointed out that the lockup wasn't that great and the Micarta was weak. That's just his opinion though but it kind of swayed me from buying it . But as far as that titanium version goes it looks nice but the price tag is heafty

I thought it’d be a good budget knife and clicked on the link and was disappointed to find out it costs $175+ , this is d2 for around $40 would be perfect

I like it but for my personal taste I like something around the blade size of 3.5 but I understand the size of this one

I like collecting knives, but this knife is not appealing to me… I'd say for its size, I'm not fond of the blade thickness, and don't like the tip shape. I'm sure it's just a matter of taste… To me it's over priced, and I honestly see it as on the ugly side. Good review Aaron. 😉

Re: the thickness of the blade: is the pivot strength equal to the strength of the blade? Does it make sense for the blade to be that thick?

This is a boutique blade for collectors, not for a USER. As are most of the products in the boutique stores. There's nothing wrong with that, I collect stuff too, but it is what it is…

I have no need for puni knives, but thanks for the video my Bladed Brother ✝️⚔️👍🇺🇸

Great review as always. As for this knife, it's a pass for the price to material. Many brilliant knives out there that can perform just as well for a more reasonable price.

I like the look of this knife but it costs way too much. I would consider it if it were less than $100. It's a nice little knife though.

It reminds me of people who have some "imperfection", but this imperfection makes them handsome.

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