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Kizlyar Supreme Vendetta Russian Survival Knife Review

The Kizlyar Supreme Vendetta is a very capable, full tang survival knife from Russia. This model features D2 steel and G10 handle sales.
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15 replies on “Kizlyar Supreme Vendetta Russian Survival Knife Review”

60-63hrc. On one side the high hardness is nice for higher edge retention. On the other, a 3 point difference in hardness means the heat treat isn't optimized. Most companies get within 2 points and under. A quality heat treat is 0.5 hrc within the target range.

This knife still holding up 2 years later? The price point in these are ridiculously cheap right now and that blade is identical to an Emerson pocket knife I carry. Think it would be a good match up if the blades any good. Just so few reviews on this knife.

You are funny…. You have Kizlyar in your hand… It looks like that you are not aware of the quality of Kizlyar. Dagestan makes knives since Turkish wars… For over 600 years they are making fancy blades. KIzlyar are really good quality knives.

Unconventional looking, however it does appear to check all the marks for as far as that is possible with any given item / tool, nice video I greatly appreciate the effort

Say Heah Brian, I believe that type of pommel is called a "Birdsbeak" I guess I got lucky and ended up with a knife that's a good yardstick to compare abd see if it's worth getting. IT is sort of rare, It's one of my ALL time Fav's the Ratmandu but in the INFI Steel that I consider a exotic steel that reaches RC of 60 atleast. Since I have two, one I use the other I just fondle, I'm a bad boy. Anyhow yeah, I'm glad I have mine. I was just joking, I do use both, one I teamed up with my Anneversay Straight Handle Battle Mistress LE and the other one with my Nuclear Meltdown Fussion Steel Heart, My Ergo Battle Mistress is part of my 3Knife set. I have the Badger Attack Ergo and the Steel Heart Ergo. A real nice set but coated blades. Yeah, I have a Russian made Survival Knife that has a spear point Re-Curve 6" blade it's made at the Iszhmas Plant where they make the AK's Oh and it's a Hollow Handle with a very unique sheath system, a true survival knife that is listed as a professional survival knife, it's make out of truck spring steel (65G) their version of truck spring steel. Yeah, I would trust my life on it in a survival situation, I think it's also a military issue too. So yeah, That Kislyer might be a good one

Many thanks for your review Survival On Purpose you have nearly sold it for me. I just have a big problem with our Laws in Scotland.Its a fine ,confiscation and worse case scenario 5 years in Prison for carrying something this size in public.I MIGHT JUST HAVE TO HANG IT UP ON A WALL AND ADMIRE IT.

That is an interesting design that looks like a winner. Sharpen up that factory edge and I bet it'd serve you well for a very very long time with that D2 steel.

Definitely want to try this one out during my multi-day snowmobile tours… Looks like an all weather conditions warrior.

Been looking at these for a few months and they look quite good for here in Alaska on my wilderness raft trips!!! I like the non-exposed full-tang to keep warmer in hand when wet, cold, freezing, to slippery conditions. Thank you for the thoughtful review.

I am Scoutmaster. I bought this knife for everyone in my Cub Scouts troop I let play with the knife for a while

Oh my, that looks very cool. I like some of the Eurasian designed knives. They think out of the box. Like Extrema Ratio, they have neat designs.
I really like the the blade geometry but they kinda killed it by making it too tactical. I would prefer to see this but without the sharp swedge. Replace that with either a drop point or clip point,then this would really appeal but as it is it would just destroy a baton.
Thats the thing about so many knife companies they want to appeal to the tactcool crowd and handicap otherwise cool knives. IMO either make it one or the other. Besides, in reality a knife will never be used in a fight and if it had to almost anyknife can be usd as a weapon. I just don't see the point in purpose built fighters.

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