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MontBlanc Meisterstuck Luxury Ballpoint Pen & Robert David Laguiole Knife Review

I am sure by now you would be well aware of my fondness for Opinel French knives and the classic Parker Jotter. However today, I review and discuss the luxury alternatives to my more modest choices. We take a look at an equally iconic knife from France, the Laguiole and the Meisterstuck Ballpoint pen from the German luxury brand MontBlanc.
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18 replies on “MontBlanc Meisterstuck Luxury Ballpoint Pen & Robert David Laguiole Knife Review”

Why not include a model airplane and a wooden ship model? Both essential possessions to ones life…

Evening, Sir. It's about 8:30 here in Jersey and I am new to the channel. New(ish) to watches as well. I have a few, mostly Invictas (I can hear the eyes rolling from here) but I have been watching your channel non stop for 48 hours and you've opened my eyes to all the options out there on the market.
Thank you for enabling us all. 😂😂

I have the good fortune of owning a small collection of luxury pens manufactured by Parker, Cross, Mont Blanc, and more. The best pen of the lot would have to be my Parkers. The reason comes down to how often I carry the pen. I happily EDC the Parker Jotter. It looks great, it's inexpensive, writes like a dream and has never failed. It's the one pen that I can just throw it in my briefcase, man bag, or pocket and know that it will survive rigorous beatings in those environments. I also have the comfort of knowing that if it goes missing, or is fatally damaged, I can afford to replace it. My Mont Blanc collection sits inside their original boxes in a safe, and not one of them has written more than a few paragraphs of text, scribbles and doodles. My Cross collection sits by the way side in my desk drawers and they dry out before seeing much action. My Parkers are reliable, affordable, and possess an air of understated elegance making them my number one pen of choice, and one more thing, the sound. The unmistakeable sound of that Parker Jotter click, when you press that button up and down. Music to my ears!!😊🙃😆😃👍💫💕❤️If you choose to carry a pen, carry a Parker and you cannot lose!

I had a beautiful Mont Blanc pen, and some worthless piece of shit stole it. I hope some heroic cop kills that worthless piece of shit the next time he runs from a traffic stop.

I carry a pen still because I also carry paper journal. I use the journal as makeshift wallet. I cannot use my phone for this it doesn't feel the same way and I keep forgetting checking them. Too much going on with it.

My EDC Pen originally was an Embassy Pen from County Comm. That Fisher Space Pen Cartridge is the best, bar none. My EDC Knives switch between a CRKT Suma and a Spyderco Tenacious.

I don't want to appear critical of this review but, in my estimation, there are far, far better folding knives, better EDCs on the market that I'd recommend over the Laguiole.

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