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Knife Party – Lost Souls EP REVIEW

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Knife Party – Lost Souls EP REVIEW

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen’s latest collection is a reminder of what the Knife Party project has become, not what it’s best for.

Knife Party – Lost Souls [EP Review]

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20 replies on “Knife Party – Lost Souls EP REVIEW”

What did you guys make of 'Lost Souls'? Do you have a favourite track of the 4? Let me know in the comments! 🖤

Yeah… slightly disappointing…

I pretty much agree with you on all your points, and quite sadly so. It’s a shame that the Knife Party project has been degrading for so long, however I appreciate that at least a project has come out. I’m glad that you’re not one of these people who blindly support this EP without careful analysis (Opinion piece on blind over-praise???)

The titular track is fun, however doesn’t cover much more basis then that. The drop’s rhythm has a bop to it, a bouncy aesthetic, however is anchored by the boring sound design and the lack of layered sounds.

Death & Desire proves to be my favourite of the bunch (and probably the only song which I truly like) which a great lead in the drop shimmers across the wide synths in this progressive house take, classic kp.
I can’t say the same for Ghost Train and No Saint, the latter slightly basic in its construction and the former feeling skeletal and barebones.

A while ago, I submitted the constructive criticism of Nawtystep forum, and now that we know that Knife Party won’t be active for a while, in favour of Pendulum, I was wondering if that ‘idea for a video’ I had would come in useful here – Knife Party: best to worst, or something of that nature. Thoughts?

Lost Souls was my favourite from the EP. Hilarious intro, and a good old brostep drop. And the fact that it's a diss track to Virtual Riot LOL

I really loved Ghost Train, reminds me of Haunted House EP, but the rest of the EP just left me feeling like this EP coulda been soooooo much more than it was

Hey! Can you do a Review Of Ohmie's EP Day & Night? Old Dubstep vibes, pleasssseeeee 🔥😍❤

No Saint – Was alright
Lost Souls – Vocals were edgy (I'm thinking they're referencing to the event that happen at lost lands 2017) other than than was pretty catchy.
Death and Desire – took me away into a happy place
Ghost Train – Favorite track, especially when the vocals come into the second drop. It's just so dirty. I've been shuffling super hard to that song.

As I said in UKF my favorite song is lost souls. It is clearly a troll song to the new dubstep/riddim culture and they state it in the first Knife cast episode. The song was inspired by the ass licking contest that took place at lost lands the past year, also making it more clear with the final sample that says “fucking headbangers”. Also the demo said “THIS IS THE STORY OF LOST LANDS”, and in the final song it says “THIS IS THE STORY OF LOST SOULS”. As you can see it represents what riddim kids like nowadays: A simple track, that makes them headbang as hard as they can in a festival, only to follow the trend, even they do it with classic tunes like In for the kill (Skream Remix)… like, WTF?! Are you serious?! Also there is a synth that I really like that reminds me to Centipide. Death and Desire is so cool, but I’m dissapointed that they replaced Rob’s vocals from the demo with Harrison’s in the final product.

Me thinking to myself “maybe Connor is just stuck in the glory days of knife party, I mean everyone loves they music they grew up on” listens to the EP oh, oh no.

An amazing song feels heavy and loud even at low volume but this EP being blasted through headphones I can still hear a mouse walking in my back garden just feels lacking

I think the main reason this EP hasn't really WOWed anyone is because today's current EDM and Dubstep artists are the product of what Knife Party had been putting out in 2012, tracks that everyone remembers from Knife Party like: 'Internet Friends', 'Centipede', and 'Bonfire' were the heaviest songs out around that time but since then, the genre has definitely evolved and other artists have really upped the game in aspects of sound design, and overall production, making it harder for Knife Party to come back, So that's why they are constantly trying to re-invent themselves. Nothing that Knife Party releases today will have the same impact on the community it did 7 years ago, but I'm just glad to see that they're still making music…

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this EP. Haven’t heard anything from them since 2015. Ghost train was the only track I liked from the EP. Lost Soul was garbage ngl. It felt lazy and unoriginal, as if they used a bunch of random presets from that one pack they thought sounded cool and tried to fit it all together. Very disappointing, considering that they were my favs back in 2012

Two things I did find out soon after this EP dropped you might find interesting:

1. In a interview Rob stated that they had a EP ready to go in 2017 but scrapped due to the genres they were mimicking ended up becoming dated. (They kinda managed to make that same mistake with this EP)

2. The earlier versions of Death & Desire actually had Rob singing on it. I liked it a little better with Rob rather than Harrison

I enjoyed the EP a lot, but it doesn't compare at all to their older stuff in the slightest. Lost Souls was probably the weakest honestly.

I thought this EP was fun, but nothing more. The tracks had classic KP vibes but there wasn't anything super interesting or new

I was so dissapointed when i heard Lost Soul, the drops are ruining the potential of the track

Honestly Knife Party could only drop garbage (or never drop music again under that name) and I'd be fine with that. They accomplished everything I could want from Knife Parties concept with their first 3 amazing EPs and their album.

At least it's better than Trigger Warning lmao

I love this EP, considering they are my most favourite musicians of all time, I just don't get the title track. There is no need to troll anyone nowadays. They already did it with Trigger Warning.

Edit: And an Abandon Ship Review would be great. Like 10+ minutes.

Lost Souls (the song) is a classic Knife Party parody meme song except they forgot to make it better or more interesting than the genre they're parodying.

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