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Very Interesting Knife Selection From BladeCity…Has Anyone Used Them Before?

BladeCity :
Automatic Knives :
Balisongs “Butterfly Knives” :
Folding Knives :
Fixed Blades :
Spyderco Knives :
Benchmade Knives :
Kershaw Knives :
Chris Reeve Knives :
Strider Knives :
Emerson Knives :
Microtech Knives :
WE Knives :
Zero Tolerance Knives :
Cold Steel Knives :
Buck Knives :
SOG Knives :
CRKT Knives :
Gerber Knives :

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10 replies on “Very Interesting Knife Selection From BladeCity…Has Anyone Used Them Before?”

I have never dealt with this company before. Looking though their site, the seem to have a few items that look suspiciously like other company's items…only it is NOT their item. That is a bit concerning. Also the same spiked mace BudK has been selling for a decade now for $20 more money…also a bit concerning.

I was really skeptical of blade city but I ordered one of their CS style balisongs (cheesy as hell, i know). It came pretty sharp, hasn't fallen apart on me yet, the only complaint with it is the spring latch is pretty crappy. That's to be expected though.

All these people are hating cuz it’s cheap but I think this is awesome. I’m bouta buy me some new toys that won’t break my bank account. Thanks Jeff.

Beware of Blade City, they very recently started carrying Gerber(thats there most high end premium brand) its all cheap chinese stuff ( M-Tech, Tac-Force, etc) Viper Tec there sister co has some cool looking OTFs but they're prices are way to high for the low quality. You can get anything they have from WISH for 1/4 price(probably what they do, then mark it up and send to you)

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