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Mercator K55K, Black Cat Knife, Cat Knife Review

Mercator K55K, Black Cat Knife, Cat Knife
*great knife for general utility, food prep, edc
Carbon Blade: 3.5in/ 9cm
Handle: 4.3in/ 11cm
Overall: 7.87in/ 20cm
Weight: 2.7oz/ 76g

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I have a lot of light weight knifes but the Mercator Otter or K55k is beating them all. It's even thinner than the Benchmade bug out and has definitely more stability. I paid 160 Euros for the Benchmade and 43 with clip for the Otter. The Benchmade is forgotten since I have the Mercators. Got meanwhile 2. 😁

wouldn't it be more like H.Y.Kaufmann and sons named it merchants knife since that is as you said the meaning of the word in latin and not the "kaufmann" knife? i have a few old H.Y Kaufmann and sons knives and they are real quality knives , and if made today they would be a lot more expensive i would say than a new bench made would cost

Just got a carbon steel/copper handeled one. Mine got Otter and a picture of an otter on the handle instead of the cat.

Great knives.
The rivets can be tightened with a couple well placed light=to-moderate taps of the roundy end of a ballpeen hammer.

close it gently it has no blade protection and you hurt it when you let it snap into the frame too fast.

Very nice review and history lesson,I had seen one of these and forgot to look it is ordered..thanks

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