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Maker Knife review

A Review of the Maker Knife designed by Giaco Whatever, rcexplorer with packaging designed by Switch & Lever. I discuss ways to change the blade and set the opening tension as well as any issues I have found with the design. This is NOT an unboxing or a sponsored video.

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The legality in the UK of a telescopic knife that can be flicked open is unsure. A court might well decide that it is too close to a gravity knife and they are banned, like flick knives and Bali-songs. Be careful outside your own property with it.

Nice Dan! i cant wait for mine, i got the silver one then sat on it a few days and decided i needed both so brought the black one too LOL

Nice review. Whats the total cost inc tax/delivery etc to the UK and … long from order to door?

Got my knife a couple days ago and absolutely love it. I too set the tension to flick it out but had the same experience – great to show off but the blade would sneak out in my pocket as I walked. As a result I set my tension so I would have to push it out. This is an excellent knife and your review Wonky was very well done.

Still have not figured out why this is better than a $4.50 Stanley retractable knife or 10 Stanley's.

Camera focus is a bit off, and lighting in a few shots was a bit dark, but otherwise nice to see how it opens and closes.

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