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Best First Aid Kit I've Tried – Surviveware 1st Aid Kit

The Surviveware First Aid Kit is the best pre-made 1st aid kit I have seen. The pouch is very well made, the contents are very well organized and the attention to detail is excellent.

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12 replies on “Best First Aid Kit I've Tried – Surviveware 1st Aid Kit”

Also I highly suggest getting a TCCC approved tourniquet. Personally I love the CAT tourniquet. It’s easy to apply to yourself should you need it and it also completely stops the blood flow to an extremity.

Just want to clear this up. It’s good to have baby aspirin for chest pain not regular aspirin. First off it’s given for chest pain because what aspirin does is it basically makes your platelets (which are responsible for creating blood clots) not stick together. This allows for better circulation of your coronary arteries. Regular aspirin is not preferred because it is swallowed as a pill. This means it has to go through the whole digestion process before actually working. Baby aspirin is chewed and therefore the medication is absorbed sublingually. This works much faster and has the same effect. If someone is having chest pain usually 4 tablets (81 mg each for a total of 324 mg) is suggested. This will help the pt untill a more definitive treatment is available. This is all based on New York EMT protocols but every state is different. Please refer to your states protocols and the 911 operator. Thanks!

What is a good snake bite kit or does one even exist? Snakes have been bad in my area lately and I want to be prepared since I have little ones with me when we go hiking or even camping.

As a Yosemite guide I can tell you this far from the best. My fellow guide bought one on Amazon, and we were all laughing at the cheapness of the materials inside …no antibiotic ointments, barely any dressings of any sort just one or two single ply gauze pads…just terrible if you ever have a real first aid emergency. We mostly were using Adventure Medical Kits, but they have gotten stingy with the quality of their kits lately, so now we switched to CLINICPAX first aid kits…made in the USA.

I have exact kit and it is worth the money. Very well put together. Love your channel. Keep up the good work.

good job i would want a guaze roll and aace wrap in mine and a shower curtain to help with body heat?

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