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Maxpedition Large Fishbelly Knife Review

Blade Length: 6.25 inches
Steel: D2 (HRC 58-60)
Blade Thickness: 0.22 inches
Handle Material: Nylon
Weight: 8.7 ounces
Sheath: Kydex
Notes: Chrome plating finish
Made In: Taiwan
Price: $108

This is an excellent design, it has good heft for it’s length and the blade shape is useful and versatile. The handle looks very plain and might have people thinking this is just some cheap camp knife, but the quality is a lot better than it may appear. Out of the 12 different models in this line, I think this one has got to be one of the best.

PS – There are also 2 different styles of the Clip Point, long (modified) or short (normal).

Where To Buy Maxpedition:
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Maxpedition Urban Wallet:
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14 replies on “Maxpedition Large Fishbelly Knife Review”

So how much length does the cutting edge have? Online it says the large is a 6.25 inch blade is that the cutting edge or the whole of the material sticking out of the handle?

They are an "Homage" to MadDog ATAK which were made especially for one of the SEAL teams…dont know which? I read an article about them & did a quick google….only a very few, around 40 or so, I think. They were all hand-made, signed & numbered by Kevin McLung… & previous submitter is correct….they go for $$$THOUSANDS! IF you can find one….& Israel, re: the rumour of Maxpedition pulling the line, I forgot to send you that link before…& I hope they DONT stop selling them! At least until I get my "Large Long-Clip Poit"!! Lol Thanks buddy!
….so here it is:

Thanks for that Israel ! I have the Tops Tex Creek XL which is a beautifully balanced , similar sized knife in 1095 . ( I don't think you have reviewed that yet , but it is very well made and comes with a leather sheath . I have used it but not really thrashed it .
I'm stuck between the large Fishbelly and the Vox Rold by Boker Plus , also in D2 and similarly priced over here in the UK. The Vox has a great dovetail pommel which I like on a knife , to stop it flying out of the hand on chopping or slipping with a lanyard .
Just some thoughts from one knife geek to another across the pond ! Best wishes .

Nice review, and nice looking knife. Apologies if you said it, and I missed it, but is this full tang?

not for that price,,, under 50 maybe,, but the handle makes it look tooooo cheap. love the shape for all around usefulness but for the look of a cheap dollar store handle causes it to be a failed attempt at a camp knife.

this summer I have used a lot this knife in a camping trip in the mountin and I must say it's really fantastic how it work! The handle looks cheap but is solid . Really excellent for the price. I love D2 steel!

Another great video Israel , thank you ! I almost overlooked this blade , as it looked cheap and nasty . I would love to own a decent knife in D2 steel but the price put me off before this one . This is D2 , decent length , good belly and kydex sheath . This model retails in the UK for £108 ( HeinnieHaines) . I think this will prove a shrewd investment . Did you notice if it had a sharp spine or will I need to take my dremel to it ? Best wishes from the UK . Keep making the videos , although you are costing me money !

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