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Glock Survival Knife Review – Survival On A Shoestring

The Glock Survival Knife is a very strong,military style knife that just might be a good choice for a reasonably priced survival knife under $50. See which of my tests it totally fails and which it passes with flying colors and decide for yourself.

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28 replies on “Glock Survival Knife Review – Survival On A Shoestring”

5 years later and I make some observations as a former knife dealer. 1. I have 3 units. 2. If you want "flexibility" in carry, buy a Spec Ops sheath. My glocks fit perfectly. If not, then warm up the removable plastic insert in hot water and mold it to the glock knife. 3. yes, you can wrap any sheath with paracord, giving you more options. 4. Yes, you can reprofile and sharpen the blade without expensive equipment, if you have the skills. 5. buy the tool for the application. This means if you want an inexpensive "camp knife" that is not capable of batoning logs or digging trenches and it is intended to be used by your kitchen warrior on a campout (not combat) buy an Ontario Old Hickory butcher knife and put it in a $12 Mexican leather sheath designed for the ka-bar and you have a camp knife for under $30. 6. For the armchair critics – remember, if you can design and produce a "better knife" for the price of a Glock knife, I will buy it.

A Glock knife is a spin-off of Amaura night Isaac but a lot more heavy duty because the handle does not go through the whole knife handle it's good but does have its drawbacks

I use a 90 degree spine to shave wood waaay more than actually against a ferro rod. Even glass can be used to strike a ferro rod. I do like my Glock knife. Mostly to dig bullets out of logs and trees, behind my range.

Do you expect a scalpel to be used for bushcrafting? Then why in the hell would a combat knife be any different? You bushcrafters are clueless about knife purpose.

Bryan, just FYI the saw back model will strike a ferro rod withoutn a problem.  It's the paint on the blade that keeps it from working as a striker. Thanks for the videos.

That is nice looking knife and it looks like it is well built also. It is too bad that you can't start a fire using it, but that isn't a deal breaker since my fire steel have a striker with it anyway and I can use my knife as a working tool.

if you point the blade towards the ground and use the divit found at the end of the bottle opener, or the right angle part of the guard, you can easily throw sparks.

Greetings from Austria 🙂

I like your decent, straightforward way of presentation, without the theatrics and gung-ho attitude of some other channels.

There's a British guy whose channel you may also like
'MCQ Bushcraft'.

You can gently use the blade closer to the handle.. or put a 90° edge on the spine, near the handle

It is NOT a Bottle opener. It is made to tighten the Insert for the Flash hider (for blanks) at the austrian service Rifle 😉 Made out of Spring Steel. Have mine for 20 Jears now.

thanks! i like the fact you batoned on the handle–a move i would make if wasn't afraid of breaking it!

it takes no longer to put an edge on this than any other high carbon steel blade,.. use medium then fine,.. derp?

go bags need a shrade hatchet for chopping,.. this is a fighting knife,.. it is shaped like a bayonet for a reason

The blade is made of SAE 1095 spring steel with a hardness of 55 HRC and are phosphate-treated. Has relatively low corrosion resistance tho but still durable

Glock did change the rounded back. It now has a very nice serrated edge. Definitely love this knife.

This dude making chit up as he goes along? Thats why he should have opted for the root saw blade, bet his fire striker would have worked then.

Bought one for 30 bucks one day. From years of experience it has become my favorite blade. People say it's one of the best for the price. I can't think of a better all around knife.

You will never get sparks from a COATED blade, let alone a rounded edge one. A 5 minute modification to put a a flat edge on a section of the spine and remove the paint in the same process and you have sparks.

(EDIT) you raised this at around 14mins! Nice.

Great video based on a great Knife I'm a proud owner of a G81 since 1986. A heavy duty essential piece of a survival kit, a real all purpose cutting tool I've used for almost anything

Edge seems a little soft. And tne edge is the most important part of a knife . If I was stuck with that knife I'd wish I had something more expensive like a clad blade or thicker and harder higer tech steel in general. This video shows the advantage of a fixed vs, folders. Some folders hold up but liner-locks don't come close.

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