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Cudeman Classic Knife Review. A cheap but good slipjoint for $30

If you’re an old timey pocket knife fan, how about checking out the Cudeman Classic slip joint in Olive wood. It was invented well before pocket knifves had clips, I think. And even if it wasn’t, it still is pretty cool. The knife was manufactured in Spain by fine artisans, I think, and features a 420 stainless steel blade made for cutting stuff. If you think this knife is something you might need in your life, you can buy it off Amazon, where I did. Looks like the price went up by $10 though.

Link (Olive wood):

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i subscribed to your channel bc for some ridiculous reason i like to spend money on knives ill never use. I just bought this exact knife (havent received it yet) knowing full well that ill probably like it, never use it and treat it like absolute dog shit if ever do. Not sure why im writing this , probably bc im procrastinating on studying the stock market course i paid a shit ton of money on. In fact i shouldnt of even of bought the fucking course bc i make terrible decisions when it comes to buying pieces of sharp metal attached to some sort of rounded material. any to the ways keep up the good work your my favorite youtuber at the moment and also i own a benchmade mini grip which i use for construction work and its held up pretty well, probably because ive decided to try and treat it like a knife not like a sharpened piece of rebar i found in the alley behind my old high school i let you know how well i havent used the cudeman once i get it

I too require very deliberate hard pushes to "get it to close" without my hand slipping.

I have this same knife but they do offer a ram or bull horn one on their site with the same product number but different letters I ended up with the olive wood cause like my news I just skim read the shit.

I never say this…in fact, I always try to be positive…but dude…do you live in a bubble?????

well, if I were to grade it scientifically, on the Elvis Scale: it's only slightly above In The Ghetto, hovering just under Teddy Bear. thankyaverymuch.

unsafely stiff, sounds like my saturday night…………sad and frustrated should be there as well.

eeyyyooo for dick jokes

Christ, I lost my shit when you batoned through the cardboard.

Thank you for showing your batoning test. Now I know I can fully trust this knife. Also, it doesn't matter what my next knife is, I'm requesting Narwal horn scales!

This cudeman looks pretty good, but I gotta get a sod buster. Thanks for all the funnies AKB. Your videos are funny as fuck!!! If fucks are funny lol

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