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CDS Axarquia Survival Knife Review, Made in Spain

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13 replies on “CDS Axarquia Survival Knife Review, Made in Spain”

Hello, I would like to ask you an opinion on this steel, is it a good choice on survival knives? Does it have good cutting edge strength? What steel is comparable in terms of cutting edge strength? Let me know what you think, thanks Michele.

hello, I wanted to know if based on your experience this knife is sturdy and reliable, holds the thread well and if it is sufficiently simple to sharpen in nature, in short, if you think it is a good choice as a bushcraft knife / survival? let me know your opinion, thanks Michele.

I bough the same knife for 70 euros (VAT and mailing included) but in Spain you can buy it for around 53 euros (about 62 US dollars at actual exchange rates).

Great review didn't think I would find one, wanted to know if the knife steel was strong before I bought it, thanks.

If it comforts you: American knife prices seem generally lower than European ones and it seems that alone was reason enough for a competitive price. I'm from Europe and got this knife for about the same price as you did. On the other hand when I'm purchasing a knife made in the US, I am paying at least 20 up to 50 bucks more the price they go for on American websites. Additional retailers and taxes I guess.

Thanks for another good review. I happened to run across this knife on Amazon and it seemed to have a pretty good price, but I wasn't familiar with the brand or the steel. I'm apprehensive of buying brands that I don't know too much about because they all look well made in the pictures and when you get them, the spine is as sharp as the cutting edge lol. I was actually looking for a beater knife that I wouldn't care about that much if it got a little abused but, this knife looks like a nice piece. BTW thank you for always showing how sharp the blades are in your videos, I've seen some reviews where they talk about how cool the handle and sheath look and they highly recommend buying it, but they never demonstrate or say how sharp the blade is and don't talk about the edge retention. Since this is usually my main concern it drives me nuts. The trend seems to be just how much abuse a knife can take but I don't usually hit concrete or bury my tip in a log and bend it sideways to see if the tip snaps off. I guess it's good to know but I use my knives differently.Thanks again I enjoy your knife vids.

A good knife from my country.
See Muela and Cudeman, and Nieto, they have impressive knives.


Great Vid WAJK… keep'em coming. CDS looks interesting. I have yet to own one.

I have the same knife with cocobolo handles and I must say it's a great little knife, it was refreshing finding you're video since there's no reviews of this knife in inglish keep up the good work

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