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Uncle Henry LB8 Papa Bear Folding Knife Review

The Uncle Henry LB8 Papa Bear lock back folding knife is a classic style folding knife. It comes with a very nice leather belt sheath.

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19 replies on “Uncle Henry LB8 Papa Bear Folding Knife Review”

Love the vid! I wanted to ask you seriously though how this knife is quality wise since I am torn between this and a Buck 110. I wanted to know your opinion since I noticed you owned both. If I put this in my pocket and went deer hunting would it perform well?

Nice, but I'd rather lose the belt sheath, and see that knife being made in upstate New York again……..or at least somewhere in the United States.  I'd gladly pay more for just the knife being made with US sourced carbon steel like they used in the old days.

I own Uncle Henry's and Old Timers Made in the USA. How would u compare the China stuff to them??????

This is the one model I was hoping Taylor (Schrade) Brands would NOT reproduce. The LB8 is one of the rarer types. Got one for my 15th b-day back in '86 and still have it. Dad paid around $40 for it then. It is serialized too. Now I stick with Buck and support US workers.

Deffeintly love this old style knives I'm only 17 but my dad and me have the same taste I blame my style on him when he gave me a buck 110 1964 edition I just felt the compel to go with these nice non tactical blades they definitely feel like old friends .

Great classic folder. This is a good hunting knife, not so great for survival or bush craft.

nice little knife, it's made to a price point but that sheath is very nice, good job schrade and that Bryan awesome as usual mate

I have had my LB7 Bear paw for better than 38 years. thru truck shops, mines, farms and ranches. It has scraped gaskets cut wire, bailing twine and most vehicle and machine hoses fasteners and whatever you would find out here in Pioneer Territory. It has cut bushes, wood, fishing line, fish. And a myriad of organic material. Hell it has even cut  one of my kids umbilical cords. The sheath on the other hand didn't do well course when you are walering on cement, gravel, mud, sand and most ground conditions even the toughest of leather will succumb. it was a bad day in Blackrock when my Schrade finally fellout the bottom of it. So I put it in a magazine pouch. Yes it was Made in America. It is still as tight and locks with my full confidence in it. It still takes an edge with but a few strokes on the stone . I could not imagine not having it on my belt. It is my every day carry and a close friend.

Nice looking old school knife. I was really surprised it threw sparks. As for throwing folders, I love to do it but it does take a toll on the knife. Thanks for posting. Great vid as usual.

You might look at the old timer 510T. If you like old designs you might like the Mercator Knives 154S Black Cat Lockback Knife with Black Metal Handles. The design is 140 yrs old. It is a lockblade with a metal handle. Despite what some sellers say this knife was never official German military. It is nearer being an analog of the Opinel and the swiss army knives. It was and is a handy, light, edc knife.

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