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Survival Kit Showdown: Solkoa Elite Vs ESEE Large Tin Kit

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28 replies on “Survival Kit Showdown: Solkoa Elite Vs ESEE Large Tin Kit”

I prefer to make my own kits. Because I know what is in there and usually have used it before. That and I switch it up to fit different seasons and situations. That and I make a general purpose IFAK I always carry.

Solkit. Over priced..the can and squirt are great..the rest is CHEAP filler stuff you can buy anywhere

Not a bad review but the heavy breathing was annoying.
Get a tin and build your own using what you can afford. Upgrade contents when you can afford it.
Nuff said.

I'm very confused as to how you can say the Salkoa kit is better. $10 price difference but you obviously get better gear for the money from ESEE. An ESEE 3 would be a better knife, but that puts the Solkoa up to a $300 kit and the container is still comparatively useless to the ESEE. It's a lot cheaper to add a bivy, a better striker and some 550 cord to the ESEE than it is to add a knife to the Solkoa. Not to mention, since the ability to add is important, you can fit a lot more in the ESEE.

I could keep going and actually compare item for item, but I think you get the picture. You have a responsibility to give fact based information if you're gonna put yourself out there as a "resource". The facts just don't match your statements in this video, sorry.

For Australia I would go the Esse all the way because water matters a lot. Having said that I bought a tin very similar to the Esse and filled it up with my own stuff for way cheaper.

Great review and very interesting kits. I usually like my first layer survival kit to be on person. I either piece it together with neck carry and in pockets of my clothing, or a kit that attaches to my belt.

I really think that the survival tin as a concept is a tin (or pouch, whatever) that you carry on your person. It should be a miniature version of all the essential tools that you carry in your pack, and it should NOT go in your pack, which would defeat the purpose! The survival tin is what you have left when you are separated from your pack. Your whole pack is basically a survival kit, so why put your backup kit in it? So, both of these kits are great, but only the SOLKOA tin can be carried in a pocket on your person, so they shouldn't really be compared to each other.

The Solkoa is an ass raping. You can buy those fast fire tabs cheap at Walmart. You can buy cordage at Walmart. With Solkoa you're paying $180 for string and fire. I also can't believe you're complaining about the knives. That esee knife will do a lot more than the 5 cent razor you got in the Solkoa.
Obviously the ESEE kit blows the Solkoa kit out of the water. They're supposed to be self contained kit, not add on kits. You can always build better. The question is what you get for your money. Go do the math.

I'd rather see a Leatherman Juice CS4 in the SOLKOA kit because it has a saw like the one on the Swiss Army Knife in the Esee kit

I would not want either one since I already have what I need in my backpack and the equipment I have is probably better than either of those kits, especially my compass, knives, and the first aid kit.

Have you tried the henry arms survival kit, hope your feeling better, flu is serious, stay healthy.

Nice review though I’d personally rather beef up the ESSE with the less expensive items it lacks than the opposite. The skeletal handle of the esse knife allows it to be used as a spearhead as well.

Very interesting unboxing, I particularly like the way you compared survival kits as you went, and not just at the end. Good job.

Sorry to hear you got the flu. Thumbs up… Not about the flu rather the video. I like PSK stuff.

From someone who like to build kits and such, both are great kits like you said.  Definitely have pros and cons to each.

lots of that crap going around, glad you're feeling better!! nice demo of these kits, gives lots of ideas

Realky like these kits. Glad to have you up and running. I k ow this whole work and health thing

real good comparison brother!…they both seem well thought out and it beats knapping a knife blade ,twirling a stick and covering a wound in pine sap….thanks and its good to see you!…atb…woods

Glad to see your better enjoyed watching look forward to seeing more i appreciate you for take your time to share with us looks like a nice kit wish you all the very best until next time my friend may God bless you and your family

Nice comparison video,think i like the essee better.As far as the knives that came with the kits I think an izula 2 would be excellent. I edc one and even though it's small it's very comfortable in hand.

Good job on this comparison and review. Anxious to see some more in depth field testing from you. I hear on the weather as well. You know I'm more east central Ohio, and it's been difficult to get out and do much lol.

Glad you're back feeling better Wendell, I have one of these Solkoa kits(Seal team six). Personally IMO the Solkoa is a better kit all round . Add a good blade to it and it's golden

🔥🎯⛺😯 nice little day pack you got a pretty good show I always enjoy your views James KCMO

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