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SUMA Pro Survival Kit (SUMA PSK) Small Review

SUMA Container – Small (2 1/2″ x 4″ x 1 1/2″)
Nylon Zipper Pouch
Emergency Fishing Kit
Emergency Blanket
Emergency Sewing Kit
Duct Tape
P-38 Can Opener
Kevlar Line
IDL Mini Multi Tool
Steel Wire
Thread/Line, 14 lb. test
Cotton Pad
Antibiotic Ointment Packet
Personal Medicine Vial
Button Compass
Emergency Signaling Mirror
Photon II LED Micro Light
Emergency Whistle
Pencil with eraser
Fresnel Lens Magnifyer
5 Sheets Rite in the Rain Paper
Emergency Matches
4 Fire Tinder Tabs
2 Fire Tinder Cubes (FastFire)
Sparking Flint Rod
6 Water Purification Tablets
Waterproof Bag – 9″ x 6″

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On assignment in support of "other " operations. I have my SUMA PRO PSK, ESSE 4&5, & some lovely little other toys with. I know I will be back. Case closed. Res Judicata. Enjoy married life.
Ghost out

Mr monkeyman,
Me : due respects, I don't advocate the term chairborne without regards to skill set. I am NIMS/ICS, DHS Wide Area SAR certified, 5+ yrs SAR tech with 147 full operations in the search and rescue of lost missing or downed persons. In the arena of declared disaster areas of flooding tornadoes and of particular on the recovery team for evidence custody of chain of evidence on the ones that didn't make it back alive. My only point is that, having used the PSK for real in more than one theater AO having the right equipment that isn't made in China and won't fail when it hits the fan… I hope you can really stick to your commentary and feel ok with that. I won't banter nor reply further. If you can advocate for half way decent gear in the life and death of why carry a PSK then I will be fine resting on this comment: I hope the persons that ever have to come for me or mine carry the very best of the best and didn't settle for mediocre in any way. Til then I too will carry only the best so that if you or yours are the ones I happen on in need I will be able to provide only the best of care til I can affect rescue and safe passage out. Res Judicata.. Cannot judge what has already been judged.

Mistermonkeyman makes peace but offers insult.
Some general observations:
PSK is a personal kit hence personal survival kit.
Hacksaw blade is carbon steel multi use and note,is cut to a reverse tanto for good reason.
As an operator may have to use such tools in REAL world application the IDl is stainless steel and anti rust anti corrosion and low electrical conducive.
As for price mark I too felt mine was a high price but this is a foundation kit. Most real kits are two fold for many reasons such as loss of one part of kit does not exclude all chances of still using the other to effect survival.
Ever wonder what the real users of such a kit might be ordered to keep in the little Amber vial?
As for the SUMA box, put it in a fire next to others and see which deforms and which can be used again and again for digging, container and water boiling ( see narrative on military standard level 3 hard anodized). As for an advertisement of product I don't think that a fair or reasonable assessment. Due to lack of the strongest selling points of this kit not even mentioned,my assertion would be some people should stick to being chairborne and unless they actually have a remote knowledge of why certain things are made the way they are and what really is behind that intent, antagonistic comment should be held in and peace wouldn't need to be offered.
I build my own kits from Lunchbots in 18/8 stainless steel and have in fact compared price marks so give thought to it before you sound off people.

First, I enjoy your videos and appreciate the effort you put into sharing info. But this is a blatant commercial for this kit. An honest, unbiased review would note the obvious short-comings of this kit. No real knife, no first-aid to speak of just to name the most obvious. Also $125.00 for this?! It's a nice box, but $60? I don't think so. Off the top of my head I know the basic AMK survival kit has just about the same gear in it and then some, for like a 1/3 of the price. There are also others that are comparative and way cheaper. Even the Bear Gryll's kits. I don't see anything in here that a person couldn't put together themseves with a little effort, save some money, and end up with a better kit. Sorry but I had to speak my mind on this. Peace.

They do still make the M4 IDL Tool, the original was USA made and is a nice tool. I got a china one like you and promptly swapped it out for a Leatherman PS4, that and the gerber Dime are way better options. These kits are great you hit the nail on the head I added my own roll of gorilla tape, the mini signal mirror from county comm with iff stuck on the back, which then allowed me to fit a maratac aaa with envelop which gives me way more light. But all in its a great kit.

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