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I Open and Close My Knife for 10 Hours | The Benchmade Bugout "Blackout"

The Benchmade “Blackout” Bugout drops on July 19th 10:00 AM MT. Get yours here:

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Has anyone else found the 3 easter eggs throughout the video? I think you guys were trying to test me weren't you? 2 hours, 6 hours, and 9.5 hours in. Surprise!

You know…
I bought the ranger green version and thought it was okay and that maybe I bought into the hype and spent too much. Especially with all the knives coming out of China and some of the smaller brands making some good stuff for less…..

And then the black on black version appeared on my feed and I was like, 🤔. I want that.

benchmade bugout – black handle, satin blade. thats what i want. so i guess im pulling a kurt and buying two (the blue and the blackout) to switch them, but of course i would never try to return one of them after. i could never do something like that to the fine people here at blade hq. love the channel. please keep up the awesome and consistent content. btw i got to 18:05.

38:48 is how far I got. The plastic handles (or glass filled nylon if you prefer) really turns me off on what would be a really great knife. If I bought one it would have to be the blue bugout so I could then purchase flytanium handles and anodize the titanium blue to match the thumb stud. Or this one and get carbon fiber flytanium scales. Alternatively ranger green with brass… Regardless of which bugout I purchase (if I do at all) handle upgrades are soon to come.

Ordered the Blue Bugout a couple of weeks ago. What a POS! The Axis lock got stuck after flicking the SOB half a dozen times. Blade HQ was kind enough to refund my money. Hope you guys don’t run into the same problems. I’m not buying one. Not going to take the chance. Good luck fellas.

Journal Entry Day 2:
As the evening comes to a close, I’ve realized more and more that missing my child take his first steps to watch the Benchmade was all worth it

I wasn't really considering buying a bugout but if I can snag one of these murdered out ones before they're gone I'll probably order one.

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