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Gearing Up Deejo Tattoo Folding Knife Review and Giveaway

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I do not condone the inappropriate or violent use of edged items. Knives are tools, so use them in a responsible fashion.
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25 replies on “Gearing Up Deejo Tattoo Folding Knife Review and Giveaway”

I want one because I would definitely use it for opening mail, a closed box taped. And something to cut apples with. Looks like something I have for EDC. I love the designs on the 37g. and 27g perfect little gadget I personally would use!

I used to carry my knives daily but they are on the more aggressive side. These Deejo are much more elegant and would be more comfortable taking to work in the office etc. Plus they are very pretty knives surprising how simple the design is. I will probably pick one up myself.

I'd strop mine to a razor finish, then use it to shave the hairy palms of every ballpoint pen user I found.

Another great video Stephen. The knife has a very cool design, perfect for processing nauga hydes in suburban jungles.

Excellent review as always Stephen. Personally, I'm not a fan of frame lock blades. For practical use, I prefer a lockback. For simple, a carbon steel trapper is hard to beat. But for EDC, I love being a Texan and going the route of carrying a fixed blade on my hip.

This really a nice pocket knife thinking about gifting it with pepper spray to my sister and friend, more worried about animals in urban setting right now.

If I win, I'll go around impersonating Crocodile Dundee by saying, "that's not a knife," open this one, "now that's a knife."

I would have it for getting butter or nutela on bread.
Hahaha bad joke.

This knife is so beautyfull that I dont know if I would use it or just admire.
Probably it would be on my table for light tasks.

I would like this one to have a fancy tool to mix my coffee when I put sugar in!
I wonder what would be the look of the people watching me doing this.

it would travel with me in my pocket everywhere (except Germany and some other countries) and i would use it mostly for opening boxes with fountain pens and inks (my new sailor from La Couronne du Comte is on the way right now, so I will need that knife soon :D).

Thank you for everything…

I'm planning to use that knife as a cigar cutter. If I can sharper that a bit, it can be used as v cutter.

I used to have an every day knife, but unfortunately lost it during a stint of overseas travel. I'd love to acquire such a pretty, feminine every day knife to carry again. Thank you for this opportunity! 😍

this would be an ideal office knife for me. it definitly doesn't look so offensive to coworkers especially with the fancy markings on the blade. i'd really like to win this one.

Beautiful knife!! Ohh the struggles of a paper pusher! Should come in handy when I need to tear through an envelope :).

Beautiful blade! I'd use this as an EDC and the black blade pairs nicely with the black cassock I wear. It'd be quite useful in fending off heresies, opening Papal Bulls, and carving out "est" on tables before Zwinglians. Good old Lutheran stuff like that.

I mentor a high school robotics team where we use huge numbers of zip ties, various kinds of tape, and a shit ton of stretch wrap. The kids aren't supposed to carry knives, so something like this would really come in handy.

Hm I would like the knife if you would be so kind. What for? Probably to trim my bonsai tree, the mail, a particularly thick skinned fruit and as an EDC (everyday defense carry) against the occasional felon, although probably more as a flashy threat than an actual stabbing tool. Cheerio!

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