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Hori-Hori Knife Review | GEAR REVIEW | BUSH CRAFT

Today we review an awesome piece of bush craft gear; Barebones Living Hori-Hori Knife.

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Intro Song: Jolene (cover) – Shelby Kinard
Outro Song: I Kept Her Heart – The Pine Box Boys

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15 replies on “Hori-Hori Knife Review | GEAR REVIEW | BUSH CRAFT”

I actually like this knife and I may just might pick this up and use it to replace TWO others I use. Good vid and keep’em comin.

Knife :looks good
Saw looks questionable: weird curve, with heavy handheld. Might feel bulky/awkward(not confirmed)
Shovel: looks useful, getting a quick dig to put in a pole. – Do have to keep it clean tho
Wire-cutter/bottle-opener: good extra for a quick snap cut.

Well, im sold. What are the lines on the side? Measuring ? Like for planting?
Plus i love your hat.❤

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