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GRIP6 VS SlideBelts | Gear Up! (Ep.5) | Survival Belt EDC Review

We had a lot of fun reviewing with these awesome belts. Do you prefer the minimalist style of the GRIP6 or the survivalist approach of the SlideBelt? Let us know below!

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4 replies on “GRIP6 VS SlideBelts | Gear Up! (Ep.5) | Survival Belt EDC Review”

I do like slide belts, wear one to work every day. Hadn't seen this James Bond version. All the gadgets seem great for a camping trip or covert mission, but the ones I have work fine.

But I found this for the other belt, which I'd seen on Facebook, but wanted to see a review. I'm kinda convinced I should try one.

Liked the video, it was funny. I'm not a survivalist, but hey, surviving is good, right? I'll subscribe and check out your store.

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