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FALLKNIVEN "F1 Pro" Professional Survival Knife REVIEW

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Any YouTube review is instantly given more credibility with the addition of an English accent. 🙂 All joking aside, thanks for the review. my F1 Pro should be arriving tomorrow. I already have the S1 Pro, so the F1 has a high standard to meet.

Excellent video my friend,im buying the Falkniven F1 basic model but I'd be interested in buying the Pro.What puts me off is I have very big hands triple X and I think the handle might be too small.Im a hunter and knife collector,have a big collection of Scandi knives eg.Helle Mora martini and a few Buck,Gerber knives.When hunting I carry a Mora companion knife in my game bag and a Buck light knife on my belt for field dressing Deer and other game.I have the rest of my knives in the gun room,i don't understand all of these super steels.A lot of the comments would put you off buying Falkniven knives.Just subbed,any advice would be much appreciated.Stay safe.

The knive was designed for extreme cold weather thus the sheath rattles so in freezing conditions it wont stick. Great knive i have the A2 In Vg10; The Modern Bowie in Cos and of course the F1 Pro in Cos steel. The perfect collection.

I have this knife and love it. A definite improvement on my vg10 earlier version. I did however have to send mine back as there was an issue with finger guard being very slightly but annoyingly loose. Probably an early one. The replacement knife Fallkniven sent, had the minute gaps filled with solder to rectify the movement. Sorted…but on closer inspection the spine of the new knife was anything but 90* square, (one side about 1 mil higher than the other) and the grinds were asymmetrical, like 2.5 mil out. I contacted them again, and was told to stop being so pedantic, and to "just go out and use the knife!" Point taken, I was being a fanny, but for well over £250 I was a bit p**sed off to be honest. I sorted the spine myself, and have learned to live with the asymmetry. I know they are hand ground, but it does still set my ocd right off!

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