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Buck 119 Special Review: Timeless Camp Knife Excellence

Here’s my review of the iconic, classic and excellent Buck 119 Special. This 6″ Bowie knife combines great aesthetics, durable materials and construction, and versatile cutting ability in an affordable package. No wonder it’s in more camp kits than perhaps any other fixed blade knife!

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Very good Video, thank you!.
I bought the Cocobolo/Brass Version, and I have a Buck 110, too.
I really love Buck Knives, because they are excelent , and the second reason is, the CEO, and the whole Buck family are Christians.
I can feel the holy spirit in their products.
Best whishes from Germany.

I have one made in 2015 with a nice leather sheathe, its my go to knife for everything, its classy and a real man's knife unlike anything cheaply made in china or taiwan

I found a buck knife in a second hand condition in Crete island Greece
and I am trying to configure how old it is
On the blade says only buck made in USA
and look like 119
With a leather sheath
An y information ?

4 generations in our family roaming the woods with 119's proudly strapped to our sides. My father's being a 1973 I bought him. And my grandsons a 2018 my son bought him.

Got my Buck 119 today Im a bulgarian living in the UK and I got mine from the Netherlands from all places, it's razor sharp out of the box and a really nice knife, cheers from the Island.

wife just got me one….. great to know its so well received and tough…. was reading on blade hq how the first ones were made by hand

Easy sharpening on yours? Mine's a little harder to sharpen but it stays sharp a pretty good while. Start aggressively & wind up stroppin…that's the ticket.

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