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Waterproof Survival Kit for Boating, Kayaking & Canoeing

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18 replies on “Waterproof Survival Kit for Boating, Kayaking & Canoeing”

good size kit, I hate those altoids kits and everyone saying they are survival kits….can't survive with a little kit like that…this makes a lot more sense…

That Sawyer is a bit too bulky. Especially when you consider you’re not going to need to filter hundreds of gallons of water. Just get a HydroBlu Sidekick straw and call it good. Also not sure about the usefulness of the glow sticks. Again, if space was no concern, I’d say go for it.

Are you still doing homestead videos? We just bought our first house and those types of videos would come in handy.

Let’s be honest. You say Survival Kit. So in “My Area” I would loose the power bank. I would add to the kit some bug juice (100 % deet 🇨🇦) and some sun screen. I know you said theses are in your first aid kit but you did say Survival, also a head net for Bugs. I would also add some tinder to help with a fire. So let’s play this out …. you are on the side of a lake and storm ⛈ just dumped you in the lake. As you make it to shore hopefully with your kit. It’s a well traveled lake but now it’s getting dark and your wet and all you have is your kit and PDF. Your PDF has some insulation value and also has a knife and a whistle. So now what……you need to spend the night. Number 1 core temperature, 2 shelter, 3 water. If you have to spend even one night out in wet cold temperatures it’s all about core temp. Your kit has cover, thermal protection, fire 🔥 if your one lighter works. A little food would help with core temp, but now what…. so what are you missing?

Probably won't fit in the kit but axmap of whatever lake or area you are in would be a good idea, with a compass

Nice kit Ben. I have a fishing kayak and I also have that waterproof box and the goal zero power bank. I normally use the box for my wallet and keys and anything else I don’t want to get wet, but now you’ve got me thinking. I like making up kits for different applications and this would be a great rainy day project. I always have a good safety kit with me but i do like this idea.

I’ve been kayaking for years ,, I always keep a survival gear in a water proof bag. Believe me it comes in handy all the time . Last year a friend of mine cut herself and needed a band aid. She didn’t have one , but you no what ,, I did ! I also have moleskin, wet wipes, tweezers, bug spray , and more ,, kinda like a minature big out bag . , you did great Ben . Glad to see someone finally do a kayak survival kit . 👍 good job .

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