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SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife Review with: Clint

My review of a cool fixed blade bowie knife from SOG, the Seal Pup Elite. The Elite is the newest improved model with some good upgrades to it’s predecessor. The handle is longer, the finger grooves deeper, the blade is thicker and the cutting edge starts closer to the handle. It’s a great utility blade that can take some extreme punishment…says the US Navy Seals test crew.

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i wish the regular seal pup was still made in taiwan instead of china and come withe original sheath. the new ones are dull as hell and the button on the sheath is very hard to snap and unsnap. it was my favorite fixedblade i had but it broked from me theowing it a lot and bouncing off trees and hitting cement.

what material is the black coating? nevermind…black titanium nitrate. aus 8 stainless…deep frozen for hardness.

Where's the sereted edges on the underside of the blade my seal pup elite has them but yours don't from what I can see

I have the cheapest Seal Pup (M37NCP-6136) which is the package with Lee Ermey on it and it comes with the nylon sheath. The knife seems to be coming back to websites and the price has actually come down to under $32 which what I paid about a year ago and that was a great price. I didn't want special coatings or fancy sheaths. The blade is slightly shorter, but it's very light and handy. I hope they keep selling it indefinitely. I might even buy another model in the future, but it's a great grab and go tool, a loaner, or backup.

Why does everybody think "Batoning" their knife through a 5 inch thick log is the gold standard for durability? I don't beat the shit out of my knives. You want to split logs? Buy a compact hatchet for your pack, for pete's sake.

I got this knife for Christmas and i love it i got the kydex sheath and it seems to do the job right. Over all this is an amazing knife i would recommend this to any out doorsman.

is it posible to conect the sheath for left handed cary either in the kydex sheath or the nylon one? 

Cabelas is having a sale for this knife for 37 buck wish it was Christmas I would have bought it

It depends on your needs I guess. But if size and price isn't a concern then the Team is a better blade.

A use you didn't mention for the extra pocket, but is pretty common and is the one I give to it, is storing a multi-tool. They fit in perfectly and that way you are sure to be ready for pretty much anything.

Yeah, pretty sure. It doesn't extend out of the bottom of the grip, but just inside I believe.

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