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Mossy Oak Wood Bowie Knife Review

Mossy Oak Wood Bowie Knife Review. A quick review of a new bowie knife that I picked up today at Wal Mart for $20

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last year, I seen this mossy oak bowie knife for $19.99 at Wal-Mart in Murray Kentucky and this was on sale in December. in January, I was in Wal-Mart and I seen the knifes were on clearance for $7.00, I bought the knife and that's a good deal. wherever I go, I take the knife with me. I know that the knife laws in Kentucky is in between yes and no which is confusing but I don't let nothing scare me. if the law wants to take it from me, they better take it out of my dead cold hands before I give it up to them.

You can get a Mora for under twenty  bucks.   I'm far from a steel snob, and I own several knives made out of Chinese 440 stainless that I love, but I won't buy a knife made from the stuff Mossy Oak uses.  It's not even close to being as good as the usual 440 stainless most knives from China use.  Even a Chinese made Rough Rider uses far better steel, and you can get one of them for well under twenty bucks.

Twenty bucks can actually buy a pretty good knife.   I sure don't buy any knife that I can say, "If I  break it, I can go buy a couple more.  If I can break it with normal use,  I won't own it. 

China doesn't have the same steel designations or formulas that we use, but when a knife made in China say "440 stainless", you're often getting steel that's somewhat better than our 440a.    But when a knife just says "stainless steel", you're getting steel that can only be called knife steel because it's used to make such things as butter knives, cake knives, etc.

For around thirty-five to forty dollars, you can get an excellent knife made out of 1075 high carbon steel, or even 1085 high carbon steel.   For around twenty-seven dollars, you can go to Walmart and get a Buck 110 made from wonderfully heat treated and stress relieved 420HC stainless.    If treated properly, as Buck does, 420HC is a very, very good steel.

There's nothing you can do to make Mossy Oak steel good, or to make it safe.  When steel like this is used in a knife that will be abused in any way, or that will take hard usage, such as batoning, it's dangerous to the user, and to anyone standing close by.  Batoning with any knife is a bad idea, but batoning with a knife made from the kind of low grade, cheap steel that Mossy Oak uses is not only asking for a broken blade, it really can be dangerous. 

And just imagine what kind of knife you could buy for sixty bucks, which is what it will cost you to break three of the Mossy Oak knives.

I like the Mossy Oak the best. Sharpen the swage. Eliminate the leather even with the top of the actual sheath. Put a frog on it and you've got a nice IWB concealable short Bowie.

As a prepper on a budget, I try to find good deals on gear & equipment. I see all these prepper videos and gear review videos…and they are all on totally expensive stuff that guys like me can never afford. So, a few years ago when I decided to start prepping…I made it a mission to see if I could obtain a vast amount of survival gear that was comparable to high end stuff, for the least amount of money as possible. I honestly surprised myself. If you look around, do a little research…you can find some really good equipment and gear that you can bet your life on for survival…and not break the bank. This Mossy Oak Wood Bowie is one of those deals…actual full tang construction and built solid. Every survival knife that I buy is put through a rigorous hell-and-back beating test. If the knife survives a week out in the woods with my "testing phase"….then it becomes a part of my gear and equipment…if not, for whatever reason it ends up in the scrap pile. This knife survived just fine…actually did better than I expected. So far, my main "go to" knife has been an Elk Ridge model ER082…it's another one of those $20.00 specials that I found that ended up being one badass knife for the money…so badass in fact, I went back and bought five more. This knife is also in that category. For the price…I plan to go back and buy at least one or two more for the gear bag.

That winchester will not do the work of the mossy oak! huge difference in quality even though both cost about the same. .Real like those Mossy Oak Bowie Knives from Walmart.

Where did you find one with wood handles? The one I bought along with every other one I've seen comes with the imitation stag handles

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