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Knife Ramble – Excalibur?

Generic knife talk, and an interesting possibility…

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16 replies on “Knife Ramble – Excalibur?”

Really liked the relaxed atmosphere of the video. Do you really think that you can have made the perfect folder. It may seem that way now but what about when some great new knife has that one thing that you didn't think of. That would scare me off because I know it would happen to me. Maybe not you. Good luck on the chase. I will be looking forward to the reviews next week.

Sounds like this is heading towards – Hi, I'm ( please state your name) and I'm a knife addict. 🗡😄 Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!

Amazing how knives have evolved in the past 30 years, when I started if you wanted a decent knife you bought a case, or buck knife. It has got beyond what I ever thought possible. Thanks for making us knife nuts feel almost normal.

Saturday night….sitting down….drinking a pbr….watching a guy pick up things and talking about knives…… STOP SPYING ON ME!!!!!!!!😜
Great video, man, thanks!😆😆😆

Something laid-back to sit and watch is much appreciated. Thank you sir👍🏻 The close-ups are just awesome.

Life happened and I missed a whole week. I got some catching up to do.
That Damascus blade is beautiful!!

I would love a nice rat 1 modded to look like a benchmade griptilian and with a pink dyed frn handle (I really do not like axis locks)

Hi, Really like the nick name and idea behind the Excalibur
Name I spose lol. I think I'll use that one, kills grail knife dude. Cheers 👍Up

Can't wait to see the reviews!!! Great blades.. you have some great friends .. you're a lucky man.. till then. I'll just sit here and flick my budget Kershaw!! 😂😂😂😂

Another great video with superb knives! This community is crazy generous and helpful. Jeff and Harry, you guys rock! Love your channel!

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