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Gerber StrongArm – Gauntlet Knife Review #6

The sixth in the Gauntlet series on the Gerber Strongarm. The previous reviews can be found at:

The next Gauntlet Review will be from Ben with Living Survival.


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10 replies on “Gerber StrongArm – Gauntlet Knife Review #6”

That knife have been through Hell and back several times and still taking a licking and after seeing what it has been through I would want one myself. I have some of Gerber products and love them and this knife must be great also and can take a beating.

Gerber knives are all over the map in terms of quality and the usefulness of their designs. I wish they would stop using aus-8 steel as it seems to wear much faster and not hold an edge well. I once owned a Gerber Gator that I adored but sadly lost it. I am not at all impressed with such designs as the Gerber Paraframe. A skeletonized knife that is heavy?

that bad feel is just an larger grind angle for the secondary bevel. makes it tougher, but not as good in the slice or carving.

I passed on this knife because way too many reviewers were complaining about how difficult it is to get really sharp.

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