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Benchmade Mini Crooked River vs full size Knife Review. Their best EDC blade yet?

Despite only have the knife for a few days I think the new Mini Crooked River from Benchmade is one of their best every day carry knives. In this review I compare it to the full size version, the Bugout, the 765, the Mini Griptilian, The Spyderco Para Military 2, and the classic 940-1. Plus for baton fetishists, there’s that too. You can buy it at a lot of places soon, but I really tried to be the first review on Youtube. No I didn’t steal it.

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13 replies on “Benchmade Mini Crooked River vs full size Knife Review. Their best EDC blade yet?”

Is the Mini Crooked River still your favorite BenchMade knife? I just recently picked up the BenchMade Grizzly Ridge another outdoor style folder. Also, random question. What do you think of the Spyderco Manix 2?

Man, I wish it wasn't so damn expensive. It's a beautiful knife I would buy in a second if Benchmade drops the price.

That 3 in one oil is the best for knives, it smells great too makes ur knife smell like an official tool

It's okay I'll just get a spyderco para 3. Really like the mini but not worth the price and the recent QC issues. Not to mention spyderco doesnt destroy guns or donate to democrats.

Man, that is one sweet looking folder. If I had the money I would certainly purchase one.
I have a 941 I purchased about 10 years ago and I sure do love it. It is a real beauty of a knife also.

That's an excellent, no bullshit review. Appreciate your style Mr. Bro, don't go a'changin'. Also, cursing is underrated.

The mini I have the axis locks seems better than yours, the blade drops when you pull it and it is fairly easy to flick open with the axis lock

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