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Terävä Skrama and Jääkäripuukko Knife and Chopper Review. With Classical Music and Slow Mo.

The ultimate chopper and fixed blade combo might be the Terävä Skrama and Jääkäripuukko Knife set. Both of these budget full length tang knives feature extremely comfortable handles and decent prices. If you Bushcraft or baton or beat on wood throughout the day these knives can handle just about anything you throw them at. In this review I compare the knives to the Zombie Tools Vakra, the Mora Kansbol, the Vangedal Rover, the Esee Junglas II, the Aranyik Cane Machete, and the Fallkniven S1. Buy them below.
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18 replies on “Terävä Skrama and Jääkäripuukko Knife and Chopper Review. With Classical Music and Slow Mo.”

I was laughing so hard when you went fast speed and doing what we all do, miss the wood but never admit it. Funny stuff. Good video

I can't believe I missed this video when it came out…So uhh, what's your favorite blade for chopping? Does the Skrama even make the top 10…or should I buy a Vakra?

best review on this knife I've seen, just got this the Skrama and had the Puukko for the last two years, love'em, and you sir are very entertaining, thank you.

Great review and funny. These are hard working knives or as I call them rough work camp knives, like batoning, chopping, digging in wood, etc. so I prefer them in carbon. I always bring a stainless small camp knife for food prep.
Looking at the website they stopped production of the stainless versions all together.
When I go into a jungle area I would bring the more lightweight 12 inch blade Tramontina latin machete but for the woodland the Skrama looks like a very good option when you don't want to bring an ax.
An ax is good for splitting logs so I do use them when remaining in a base camp but for travel I prefer the big knife.

Hey AKB, you should compare this with the Esee libertariat… A showdown of the compact choppers !

In your defense Finnish is one of the most incomprehensibly convoluted languages on this Earth.

Hey AKB… Have u any experience with the Condor Hudson bay…At around $20 cheaper, how do you think it fares against the skrama as a chopping "knife"?

P.S: I know hairdo is an intensely personal thing, but have u ever considered getting yourself a buzzcut?

we all know that you don't get that "jääkäripuukkoa" rigth and for Finnish ears its heard like "jhakaripukoo" and then "varusteleka" = "varistelika"
nice try

I had to come back again, just for the ending. Always cheers me up to know that someone, somewhere, is also shameless and sarcastic af. Its the only way to be, mostly honestly.

Adv. Kni. Bro.: I've got your William Tell oVerture right here, bros.
Me: You didn't!
Ya know … … If you could sync the hackery to the music in a cinematic way … that would be sublime next-level art. (Granted you already do it at a rudimentary level) Might require some martial-arts-style posturing, and actually listening to the track as you work over the wood.

Hi. Nice video. I like the bit of sarcasm and you not taking the whole Youtube knife thing not too seriously. These two knives themselves are great, and meant to be used hard. I have been using both for about two years now and they are just awesome. The Skrama is excellent for delimbing, and for batoning it is almost like a froe, great for making kindling. Like you, I use them for yard work and making firewood for the home, not for bushcrafting or just testing. The puukko is my best one for notching and such, the Skrama has mostly replaced my GB small forest axe for small chopping tasks and splitting quarter logs into kindling (I use a dedicated splitting axe for the big logs).
Keep it up !

Great content. Lots of good comparisons and what to expect. I have the smaller puukko carbon and the scrama also 80cvr2

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