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Fallkniven S1 Long Term Review – The Best General Fixed Blade Knife

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

16 replies on “Fallkniven S1 Long Term Review – The Best General Fixed Blade Knife”

I totally agree that's it's a very good in between size knife. Also in weight it doesn't wear you down. Same category as the SRK indeed. I'm no fan of swedges but at least they don't have jimping.
I don't agree that's an expert knife although the price is kinda. An expert can get along with almost any knife.
It's the non- expert that needs the better knife to help developing skills.
Also it's the weekend camper or day hiker that get killed in the bush because they are not prepared enough and really don't see the risks.

other campers need to just quit being sheeple. nothing wrong with someone carrying a knife with over a 4" blade.

Fantastic shape, proportions and geometry but wrong steel and handle material. With CPM 3V and G10 would be perfect !

I really appreciate your views and position on all of this “survival” and “bushcraft” stuff. We seem to get caught up in what is Best for this or that….well, we need to look at our specific needs, uses, and reasonable expectations. Most of the time a simple mora would get the job done, so we need to stop concerning ourselves with every little detail.

Because of this thought process….I have come to a very similar conclusion. The S1 Pro and a swiss army pocket knife is my choice for emergency go bag.

One nice "side effect" of owning several knives is that you end up with several sheaths, so that one knife may fit more than one sheath. For instance I recently purchased a No. 14 knife by Casstrom (Swedish shop that started their own brand recently) , and it turned out my S1 fits nicely into the No.14's leather sheath (dangler style). And there I was just about to spend the same amount on a custom leather sheath for the S1. 🙂

It's not so much that the world is coming to an end, people are preparing for the zombie outbreak. Lol thanks for the awesome videos brother.

Say Heah Cedric, Instead of going with a S-1 or the F-1. And since I already had the A-1 which I know is a great survival knife. I teamed it with a H-1. The reason is it remind's me of my Skookum Bush Tool which I have in 3V. man I'm really liking that steel. So I got the Cold Steel Master Hunter in 3V even though I have the Master Hunter in San Mai III. Yeah, It's a little thinner, But what a awesome slicer. So I teamed my S M III with my C. S. Kukuri Plus in O1 a lovely piece of kit together. And besides, my Master Hunter is similar to the Fallkniven's, Sure the Fallkniven are nicer. But heah, you can't kock a C. S. Master Hunter regardless if steel. Infact we're on our way to our spot traveling East with the storm's which catch up withbus when we stop to refresh. But yeah, I went Cold Steel for this trip, I should of gone stainless, But C. S. it is. I took my C. S. Rrcon Scout which I have in the CarbonV, Infact I have (2) one I use the other one is a safe qween. I teamed it with my Master Hunter in 3V. I don't know why, But I also brought my C. S. Double Bit Machete. I'm sure the rain will keep us in side. But I brought it. But I will use my Estwing Double Bit Hatchet and my Bonds Folding Saw that has a Eye Drop handle. Generic but I got lucky, it's a good tempered carbon blade, and so far is staying nice and sharp. Heh heh heh sorry for a dissertation heh heh heh, Yeah, I know how good your S-1 is, I likebmy A-1 alot more than my S. R. K in the San Mai III. good review , Thanx.,,.

I just spent my Christmas money on an S1.. I have a ton of fixed blades but I have always wanted a Fallkniven and this S1 seems like the best do it all blade for hiking and camping and I am going to take it deer hunting next season and see how it dresses..

Just stumbled across your channel. Great to see another outdoors Aussie channel!

I fully agree with your opinion on the ideal blade length (around 5 inches) for a hike.
The S1 is a great knife, but I think you need to try out the Survive GSO 4.7. It's the best fixed blade I've ever owned!

Thanks for the video.
I have all three as well, A1, S1 and F1. I like them all and all have a place. I would like to see a S1 size knife with the F1 blade shape. I think that would be a very good knife.
Take care

Well said, I love my S1. Its taking me a while to switch to convex grinds, I need to make myself a better strop. But I think I'll be happier for making the switch.

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