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Dave Canterbury's Knife Put To The Test! (PLSK1 Knife Review) -Part 1

Dave Canterbury’s knife, the PLSK1 by Battle Horse Knives is one of the most expensive survival knives I own. But is it worth the money?

The PLSK1, recommended by Pathfinder School founder and bushcraft legend Dave Canterbury was designed to be the ideal ‘one tool option’, meaning that the survival knife was made to be able to do everything, from carving traps to splitting leg sized hickory logs, and everything in between. Batoning PLSK1 was exceptionally easy, even through aged maple and cherry logs. I also would like to point out that the edge retention of Dave Canterbury’s knife was top notch, even after repeated abuse. Carving with PLSK1 was a breeze as well, and overall it is a highly versatile survival knife that I definitely recommend.

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5 replies on “Dave Canterbury's Knife Put To The Test! (PLSK1 Knife Review) -Part 1”

well this is worst review I have seen so far. ….
this knife have been arround 10 years + , and you don't get your facts straight… haw pathetic is that !!??))
Call self reliance outfitters they will gave you all facts and history behind this blade !!!

Say Heah, Yeah, I almost got the PLSK1, But, I never liked a broomstick L@@Kin handle. But when B H came out with the Attitude, I liked everything about it. But I put my own twist on it. Yeah, I posted it on my G+, yeah. Check it out and tell me what you think, Dilly Dilly.,,.p

Dave Canterbury did not design or make that knife. Battle Horse Knives makes it. LT Wright and the owner of  Battle Horse Knives had a knife company called Blind Horse Knives. They split and assumed their own companies. Dave Canterbury is so overrated.

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