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Victorinox Swisschamp Review and Tool Guide

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

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The metal file / hack saw is surprisingly durable. I've filed many various metals, and cut through many various metals, with very little wear on the saw/file.

I use the file for my fingernails lol I never knew U can use it for plastic and wood

I have one of these except it has a yellow handle. Looking online i see some photos of it but it looks like nobody sells that one anymore =D. One of my favorite knives ive owned. When i go camping i always take my large Rambo style tops bowie knife but i always have my swiss army knife in the sheath pouch. I find this knife as just as useful if not more.

This is the only pen knife allowed by law, where I live, that you can legally carry.
It is actually named by its brand in the legislation too so as long as it's SAK you're golden.
Just bought mine today to compliment my other SAKs.

I've learned to car wax my firearms as soon as I buy them. It cuts down on rust, metal on metal wear, corrosion, finger prints, grime, and speeds up cleaning and maintenance. Once you clean your LM, car wax half the "side", or arm, and after three months of use, see if the wax helped. 🙂

I grew up using simpler SAK models like the Camper, and the Swisschamp was always something I wanted just because I thought it was so damn cool but it was way too expensive for me as a teenager. A few years back I found one in a decent knick at a fleamarket that I gladly picked up – it usually lives at my desk and as a compact "toolbox" (together with the Leatherman Wave for more heavy duty stuff) around the house it is perfect for me and whenever I've travelled in the country or such it is a perfect companion.

So i did watch 20+ of this thing reviews and no one show the use of that hook, the only thing i'm looking for 🙁

I’ve used the hook a couple of times, actually. I ride my bicycle a lot and there have been occasions the bicycle’s chain derailed a bit for some odd reason. So you turn the bicycle around and you can easily pull the chain onto the cog with the hook. I tried doing it with my hand, but you don’t have a lot of space, your hands get dirty and it’s way harder to hold it in place.

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