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Tool and EDC Review: Leatherman Brewzer Bottle Opener and Keychain Multitool

My thoughts on the Leatherman Brewzer Keychain tool. A quick and useful bottle opener with lots of bonus functions.

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Thanks for the, by far, the best evaluation of the Brewzer. I looked long and hard at it but passed due to the tiny form factor and lack of any other tool function. I have large hands and this thing is just too small. They could easily make it just a bit larger so you could actually get a grip on it and put a slight bend in the pry bar. That would greatly enhance the utility, IMHO. Good that they made a bottle opener that took only one attempt to actually open one. My BG-Gerber micro tool has an opener that took me several attempts to open my Newcastle Brown Ale. It appears that this is a common failing among small tools. I don't understand how the designers cannot get this right. And that Swiss Tech key tool is an ingenious design except that one side of the scissors form that you have to use as a grip to use most of the tool functions is a sharpened knife blade. I looked at that as well and passed, as I am not fond of slicing open my hand when having to use tools.

those are cool and I was thinking of getting one, but I really wish the tip/pry end of it looked more similar to the widgy pry bar style. So I decided to just get a widgy lol 😛

That's about fifty percent over the standard price. Sorry it is more expensive there! At least it will pretty much last you a lifetime, so as long as you don't lose it, you won't have to spend the money twice! (Until your friends and family see it and want you to buy one for them as well, ha ha!). Thanks very much for watching and commenting, friend!

Really nice review! Expecially the extra footage.
I also watched the Shard review, but I think I'll get this on amazon. Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive here in Germany, nearly 15 dollars 🙁

Nice review. I carry the ptx version on my keys, and it's one of my favorites, along with the bushkey, which works better, but has other drawbacks..
The tip notch actually works well, i used it one time all day long with ease, you just have to start your 'cut' from inside the tape, not try to cut it from the sides.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd select the Brewzer. It's narrower and less pointy, making it easier to pocket and retrieve without getting caught on things. I also already have a Phillips head screw driver on some of my other EDC items, so the one on the Shard isn't that necessary. Having said that, they're both great and if you really need a quicky Phillips driver on a daily basis (and don't already have one on another tool), you can't go wrong with the Shard, especially for its price!

Hey Cole! I've had a Shard for a few weeks now and I really like it. I confess that I like the Brewzer and Widgy a little better, but that's because the Shard has some pointy edges and it's a bit wider in my pocket. Still an excellent tool and well worth the six bucks they cost!

I purchased the Brewzer and the Piranha, both from PocketToolX. I actually used the Pir. once to pull off a piece of metal by slipping it in the mouth of the fish…and twisting…I like the Brewzer just cause its cool…

It's funny; I've never tried a Shard but it gets mentioned to me a lot. I read your comment last night and broke down and bought one. I should have it in a few days. Hang in there and I'll come back and give you some thoughts. Thanks very much for watching and commenting!

Cool; a free one! That's a nice little bonus when you're already buying a great knife like a ZT. Congrats!

I got mine free with a ZT knife purchase I made online. Didn't know what it was till I seem your video.

It's gone up in price over the last year. I bought mine from EndTimesReport a while back for $8.95 plus shipping, but I think their price has gone up too. Nice, hardened D9 steel, too. I've beat on mine and other than a patina, it looks the same as when I pulled it from the envelope. Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts!

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