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The Buck Selkirk Survival Knife

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11 replies on “The Buck Selkirk Survival Knife”

Meh, made in China. For the same price I rather a Condor tool & knife Dundee Bowie. A real survival knife that's not made in China.

Thank you for the review. Quick question for you, Have you tried removing the handle scales? you could epoxy them back in there proper position/alignment.
: )Tyler

in my own review I had to do about 2 hours of work on it to make it workable for me…it seems it was made by a good crew of people with very little actual survival/bushcraft knife experience, which is strange considering buck has made knives for a while.

You must have gotten a bad knife! I've used that same knife for splitting wood, starting fires, I even gutted a whitetail with it! It's not great for that from how big it is, but it split the rib cage and was even cut against bones and didn't lose the razor edge I put on it at all!

Dude, why did you strike the fire steel on top of the blade? Do your research before a review, cause it makes you look stupid now. You strike the fire steel at the bottom of the blade, next to the handle. Try it, cause I have one and it strikes evertime.

Most Negativ points are user failures.

ITs almost impossible too loose the rod if clipped correctly, also the groove in the knife is for using it, thats a common thing on knifes what let me assume you have not that of a clue about knifes.
The Handle is fixed in seconds, mine have come like this to, just thighten the screws al litte and it will hold perfektly for ever.

Steel is the same as most Buck knifes and its realy not bad, it deos not rust, is a little soft what is not a always a bad thing because it prevents the blade from breaking and still can be sharpened to a razor. The other negativ points are subjectiv or unprofessionel.

In a lot of long term tests the knife holds realy well agaist some knifes that are double the price.

who uses a knife for splitting wood ? one tool can never do all the jobs or it does all those jobs poorly. I own this knife if i had to have only one knife to survive with it wouldnt be my number one pick but i do believe it is a good everyday carry general use knife.

It's terribly unfortunate that Buck flat out refuses to listen to their customers, including me, in regard to how to fully realize the potential of their design. 1. Make it in America. 2. Use S30V steel. & 3. MAKE IT IN AMERICA !

I like my Selkirk but I was sad that it wasn’t made in America. I really like the look of the micarta grip scales. I’ve heard that 420 HC is not a great steel but not a base level either. I’m not a metallurgist. I think it is well designed I hated the thought of paying as much as I did for the knife but I really wanted it for batoning to split firewood for starting fires in my cast iron firebox stove at our vacation cabin. I think it will serve the purpose.

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